Dog Is Good

We all have that one friend in our life that we like to put in the category of #crazydoglady, and for most of us, we belong in that category along with them….. #holla! Most of the time, they are also the friend you have a hard time buying gifts for. You know, for their birthday, Christmas, just because I love you BFF status…. Like, do you get them something for themselves or something for their dog?? Well, that’s where Dog Is Good comes in!!

Dog is Good is, for real, the one stop shop for #crazydogladies, #dogmoms, #doglovers, whatever name you like to go by! Dog is Good is a dog lifestyle company that creates and markets gifts for dog lovers everywhere! They are located in Los Alamitos, CA! They sell wholesale, retail, and have licensed the brand to numerous manufacturers in the pet, gift, and home world!

Jon and Gila Kutz are the brains behind the operation! They always wanted to run their own business, and while living in Washington state, Jon, an active duty US Navy Captain and Gila, a dog trainer, saw a missing park in the marketplace and took the leap of faith, that is now Dog is Good!

A few years later, the Navy moved the Kurtz family to Cali! After they got settled and use the sunny weather, they created a few hats and t-shirts, which they sold at local events. As their confidence grew, the created their fun logo and where on their way to taking the dog market by storm!

Whether you’re wanting a cutesy gift, funny gift, or a practical gift, Dog is Good has what you want! Their products range in price for all budget!!! Check out some of their great items below!
How could we GBF bloggers not relate to majority of the product?! We, OF COURSE, had to get something for each of us!

Chelsea struggles being a domestic goddess so this canvas was pawfect for their home! Plus she’s known for feeding Abbie under the table so it literally made so much sense.



Megan is a puppy product lover! So these water bottles and portable bowls were amazing! With walking all of the city and daily trips to the park they have come in so handy! The best things about the water bottles is that they have a rolling ball, that slows the water from coming out to make it easier for Pharrell and Rosie to get a taste without all the water landing on the floor!

Jessica is more than just a dog lover, she is a, lean, mean, coffee drinking machine! The only thing that makes her happier than puppy snuggles, are puppy snuggles WITH coffee! Her new dog mom coffee mug combines her two greatest loves and the two couldn’t be happier… Well, Drake would like her to drink faster so they can get to the park!



Dog is Good works with numerous animal shelter and other pet-related non-profits, donated to auctions, designed custom products to help raise funds and donated cash! Each year, Dog is Good reached out to multiple organizations and is also aligned with some larger Charity Partners! Just another reason why we are so obsessed with this amazing company!

The next time you are hunt for a fun new accessory for you pups, or a gift for a fellow dog mom make sure you check out Dog is Good!!!

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