Tucker’s Raw Frozen Diet

I saw Tucker’s at a specialty pet store in the DFW and decided to try them right away! The packaging really stood out to me and I could tell their treats were super moist with great flavors. After a successful treat experience with the Wag-a-Rounds, I decided to research Tucker’s Raw and Frozen to see if everything else was just as good!

Tucker’s is a family business that started in 2009. They operate under one simple premise – They LOVE dogs! (Hey, so do we!) They know your pup is a member of the family as well as your biggest fan and cheerleader. They know your dogs deserves the best nutrition and that is why Tucker’s sources ALL of their meats from the USA and Canada. The quality of their meats are the same as those that you’ll see in grocery stores! They do this because “our dogs are worth it!”.

  Tucker’s meat sources follow the Federal Animal Wellness Act which ensures the humane treatment of the animals used in their production chain. #weloveallanimals #savetheanimals

Tucker’s individually wraps their raw diets and treats to maintain the quality of the proteins. By individually wrapping these products, it allows them to reduce (and in most cases not use any) preservatives. We’re big fans of that!

Here’s your pup’s options!


Raw Frozen Diets

Pork, beef, & pumpkin, Pork, bison, & pumpkin, Pork, lamb, & pumpkin, Beef & pumpkin, Turkey & pumpkin, and Salmon & pumpkin.


Carnibar Dehydrated Food

Chicken & Pumpkin, Beef & Pumpkin, Pork & Lamb, and Pork & Bison.


Grab & Go’s

Chicken, Chicken & Bacon, and Chicken & Sweet Potato.


Whole Chicken Breast Treats

Chicken, Chicken & Bacon, and Chicken & Apple



Beef liver & Banana, Beef liver & Bacon, and Beef liver & Sweet Potato.


Barkin’ Blends freeze dried treats

Beef & Bacon and Beef & Sweet Potato


Frozen Bones

Sooo many to choose from! Check them out here.


To sum it all up, we haven’t found a treat that the pups don’t go crazy over! All of Tucker’s treats and chews are a hit in our house! We’re going to try the raw food soon and let you know how Abbie and Gunner like it. So stay tuned!

UPDATE! We've tried the frozen patties and Gunner LOVES them! Devours them even though they're frozen! Abbie doesn't seem to like cold foods but once it thaws a little bit, she's all over it! We give Tucker's 8 paws of approval!


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