NYC vs. Border Collie

I have grown up with dogs my whole life, at least 3-4 dogs in my house at all time as far back as I can remember. So when I moved to NYC 4 years ago there was something missing, something that didn’t seem right and a void that I couldn’t figure out. I would find myself at the dog parks …. with no dog. And going up to every pup in the city that was in arm’s reach. I finally just did it one day. It was kinda like an impulse purchase on a pair of shoes at Barneys, but it was a living, breathing thing. Once I told everyone that I was getting a Border Collie, the comments weren’t warm and fuzzy like I hoped. They were discouraging and doubtful about having such an high energy dog in New York City. The comments haven’t stopped after a year and half of having Pharrell in the city.  At least once or twice a day I hear “Ohhhhh, a Border Collie, in the city…wow” or “ I bet you never get any time alone” or “ don’t they need a lot of exercise” and my favorite “whoa, Border Collie… lot of work, good luck”.  Usually my comments back are just laughs and a quick smirk as we quickly walk away. But sometimes the people and their comments get the best of me and they get a ear full on how amazing having a BC in the city is.


1  YES, it is a lot of work! But what dog isn’t? If there is a dog out there that you don’t have to feed, take out, give attention to, and exercise. Then please let me know! I would love one of those that just sits around and looks cute and does nothing….NOT.

2  BC’s are very high energy dogs as everyone knows, and that is one of the things that I love about Pharrell. I just want to say that I have lost a few pounds since having this guy in my life. We are out all the time whether it’s running, walking around the city, going to every dog park we can, pulling my boyfriend on his skateboard down the Hudson… It’s not time consuming when you are both getting something out of it.

 3  Yes, he is smarter than me.  But it’s like having another human around at all time. Border Collies are very smart and very much people dogs. He wants to be part of everything and he wants to show you how much he loves you every second that you’re around. Including restroom breaks, yours…..not his.

 4 We have to take him the dog park or Central park at least once a day, but I love it! I have met so many amazing people and it’s just great to be in place where you are surrounded by pups and people that love their pups.


There are a lot of BCs in the city, more than I thought and it’s because they love it. They are always seeing new things, walking around new places, meeting new people. They are stimulated by all the sounds, lights and people all hours of the day. Also for all the single girls out there, getting a dog in the city is the best thing you can do, no need for Tinder or Bumble. And having a Border Collie makes you stand out from a sea of Yorkie’s and Frenchie’s.

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