Peace. Love. Paws

If you ask anyone who knows me or has been to my apartment and has seen my closet, well they know i love to shop, like love might be an understatement. It might be some kind of sickness that i have, there is something about leaving a store with a bag or getting home from work and seeing the UPS guy with a package. I also have a problem when it comes to shopping for Pharrell, he has more toys then i have shoes, and that’s well more than 60. So when i can buy something for myself that incorporates Pharrell in some way, well that’s a win win win!

Peace. Love . Paws is an amazing company out of Wisconsin started by Alissa Gander. They are a lifestyle apparel & gift company for anyone who has love and admiration for animals.

The name came to Alissa when she was trying to explain what it felt like to love and to be love by an animal, and the one word she kept coming back to was PEACE! And that totally makes sense with me, whenever i am around a dog that i love and i know loves me, i just feel at home and a peace come over me. So i think the name of this company is more than fitting!

She wanted to create a brand that was made from high quality and versatile apparel! She wanted something you could wear to the dog park and also out to dinner with your girlfriends. I have a shirt from here, and it the for the most comfy thing ever! I wear it all the time, my boyfriend may or may not make a comment about it every now and then.

They have so many great products from shirts for her and him, bags, magnets, mugs and scarves!

Go check them out, and get yourself a new top to wear to the park then go grab a margarita in after!

IG: @peacelovepawsco