Up Dog Toys

A durable dog toy that Drake can’t destroy is pretty hard to come by. A durable dog toy that Drake can’t destroy AND actually LOVES, even harder to find! But, a durable dog toy that Drake loves and is super CUTE??? Sign. Me. Up. Because we all know a dog toy that encompasses all of these qualities is a rare find! BUT, good news! I have been going crazy over exactly that! 

Introducing... The Odin!

A one of a kind dog toy that just so happens to be named after the company's very own precious pup (pictured below)! It is honestly one of the most genius dog toys I’ve seen in awhile. This toy is a jack of all trades… yes I know I just used that phrase to describe a dog toy, but it’s true! As stated clearly in their slogan, “The Odin is designed for you and your dog!”

First of all, simply put, this toy is trendy and adorable! It literally looks like decoration when it is strewn across your living room or on your couch. What more could a dog mom ask for?

Secondly, it not only provides physical activity for your dog, but mental stimulation as well, which is an equally important exercise for your pup!

How it works: 

Put treats inside The Odin and your dog works to try and get the treats out (after pausing for a quick photo opp like Abbie, of course)! Simple as that. If your dog loves food (which is EVERY pup) then he/she will be obsessed over this play time activity!

You can even make the task more challenging for your pup by connecting two of The Odin toys together.

However, say for some crazy reason your pup isn’t into dog treats (we’re pretending here)... The Odin is GREAT for fetch. It can be thrown long distances and best of all, because of the odd shape of this toy, it bounces and rolls in so many awkward directions, making “the chase” even more enticing! The picture below is proof of Drake chasing it in what started as grass but quickly bounced into the mud (I wish you could see me rolling my eyes for the bath that had to come after). Drake on the other hand was super pumped about the mud and The Odin was EASILY cleaned in the dishwasher!!! Thank goodness!


We are so thrilled to share this hidden gem with all of our fellow dog moms out there! To get your very own, visit their website to order online or to find a store that carries their product (there are lots)! You can feel good about spending your hard earned cash at Up Dog toys knowing a small percentage of all purchases go to help animals in need at their local animal shelter in Seattle, The Emerald City Pet Rescue!

Our friends at Up Dog toys have one mission… to make happy dogs and happy owners.

Mission Accomplished.

Website: https://www.updogtoys.com/

IG: updogtoys

Email: info@updogtoys.com