Brothers Complete Dog Food

We love nothing more than writing about our favorite companies on Fridays. Well… Maybe leaving work and heading home for the weekend is pretty amazing! But it’s a close one!

Today we are featuring Brothers Complete. We received some samples from Brothers Complete and were ecstatic to put their great reviews to the test! We do our research in trying to find the best kept secrets in the dog product world and there were certain things that led us to try Brothers Complete.

Each of their products will be GMO, Grain, Sugar, Hormone, Antibiotic, Artificial flavoring and coloring, Chemical preservative, and BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin FREE! How amazing is that?! If you haven’t researched these things, I’ll give you a brief overview of some of these ingredients, that way you know the importance of them not being in your dog’s food.

GMO: This stands for genetically modified organism. This speaks for itself! Anything that changes the gene of something just doesn’t sit right with me. It has been altered so the DNA contains a gene that it didn’t originally have. Countless studies have been done to show that GMO causes allergies, organ toxicity, and other major health problems. One study, in 2009, not only showed rats who were fed GMO foods died much earlier than rats who were not fed GMO foods, but it also showed that they grew mammary tumors and had severe liver and kidney damage.

BHA: This artificial preservative is known to be cancer-causing.

BHT: This is also an artificial preservative that causes cancerous tumors. It can be found in pharmaceuticals, rubber, jet fuels, petroleum products, the oil in electrical transformers, and even makeup! Read more about it by clicking this link.

Ethoxyquin:  Not only is it used as a pesticide for pears and used in making rubber, but it is sometimes used in dog food as an antioxidant to break down fat and preserve the life of fish. Allegedly, it can cause liver, kidney, and bladder failure and is suspected to be a carcinogen for dogs. It has also been reported to cause allergic reactions, behavior problems, cancer, infertility, skin problems, and the list goes on! Unless your dog food says “No Ethoxyquin” on the bag, it probably has traces of it in the food. Learn more by reading the article and comments on this blog.

Now back to the good stuff! I love that Brothers Complete’s protein source is 90% from free-range animals rather than plants and grains. They make their food iN small batches so the high-quality product stays fresher longer. I’m a huge fan because the Brothers Complete team is committed to helping make your beloved dog healthier by focusing on healing, balancing, and maintaining a healthy gut. The importance that they place on a healthy gut is A+ in my book! I was a Pet Nutrition Specialist for about 3 years and I didn’t hear much about this! Lately, as I’ve been researching, I’ve seen the importance of a healthy gut and I’m so glad that Brothers Complete emphasizes this.

Food directly affects our pups’ health (no brainer there) and a lot of ingredients, unbeknownst to us, can cause allergic reactions. Most people buy food according to their pets’ allergies. But what if the problem is that they aren’t feeding the right food to help get rid of those allergies? What if the food they’re feeding is causing the allergies?! The ingredients in Brothers Complete are safe for your pup so you can trust the outcome of what you’re feeding.

I love their packaging! They use a colored foil bag that helps the food/treats retain their freshness. (I’m a fan of anything that is metallic-looking.) The design of their bags is phenomenal! If other companies use this technique, I have yet to see it. You can reseal the treat bags and smaller bags of dog food. For a girl that is all about convenience (and shiny things), I love this product’s bag design!

What’s better than having a high quality product and great customer service team? Brothers Complete offers a 100% Guarantee on their product! In my opinion, you won’t ever need this because you and your pup will be more than satisfied with their food and treats, but it’s nice to have that guarantee as a backup!

Okay, now let’s get to the excitement of my fur baby. Abbie got SO excited when I’d pour this food in her bowl. I’ve never seen her scarf down a food so fast! Her favorite seems to be the Venison. She’s never been a fan of Lamb, but we tried it anyway. To my surprise, she ate all of it within a matter of minutes! She liked the Chicken and Turkey but the Venison stands out from other flavors of food she’s had in the past. I set each flavor side by side to see which food she’d go for and this is the order she ate them in:

Venison | Turkey | Chicken | Lamb

I believe (this is my personal opinion and is based on no research, whatsoever) that dogs get tired of having the same flavor of food, day in and day out. With the variety of flavors that Brothers Complete offers, you can alternate between flavors so your pup(s) never get tired of eating the same thing over and over again! Because each bag is prepared with the highest quality of ingredients, your pups won’t get an upset stomach with switching from flavor to flavor.

After feeding this food to Abbie for a few weeks, I noticed that she wasn’t shedding as much and her breath smelled better. She’s never had terrible breath, but I noticed a significant difference and I know this food contributed to that. Abbie doesn’t have food allergies or dry skin or anything like that, but I believe that this food can help your pup if he/she has any allergy symptoms. This is a high quality product and you’ll see that within the first few weeks of feeding it to your pup.

I hope I begin seeing this company on the shelves of my local pet food stores!  As of now, for me, buying dog food in stores is easier than ordering dog food online. I’m not the best at planning ahead to purchase Abbie’s food so I can only commit to something that’s local. I highly suggest that our readers try Brother’s Complete! Whether it’s food and/or treats, you and your pup will be sooo happy you did!

What food do you currently feed your pup(s) and why? Are you willing to give Brothers Complete a try? Let us know below! Have questions? This will answer majority, if not all, of your questions!