Hello Hazel Co.

I’ve never been more obsessed with an accessory for Abbie and Gunner… EVER! And it’s not only because these pieces are simply beautiful, but because they connect Abbie and Gunner to Liam. It just brings the whole family together! It’s not humans and dogs, it’s just… family.

Hello Hazel Co. is a family owned business that creates unique, handmade accessories for our furry family members. Kathy and Michelle are the mother/daughter duo who enjoy dressing up our precious pups for special occasions. These two gals know that our puppers are family and it’s not an option to NOT include them in our most special life events! Engagements, weddings, babies, you name it, they have something for it!




Hazel is a Blue Heeler and Beagle mix that loves to play frisbee, get her noms on, and snuggle on the couch with her hoomans. When Michelle arrives home, she always says, “Hello my Hazel” … and that is how Hello Hazel Co. came to be.



Kathy has been crafting and sewing since she was a little girl. She spent many years creating items for craft shows around the country before having the idea to begin on Etsy. With some great ideas for personalized wedding items, she partnered up with her daughter, Michelle, and opened up ‘All Lavender and Love’.

Michelle was my main point of contact from the beginning to the end of my shopping experience. Can I just say that she is a ray of sunshine?! I instantly felt a  connection with her and I didn’t even know her! Talk about customer experience and making me feel like a valued person, not just a number!

She inherited her mom's love of creating and was ecstatic to begin this new adventure on Etsy. Shortly after beginning with the wedding shop, she came up with an idea for ‘I Do Too’ bandanas so customers' beloved dogs could be included in their special day. More ideas kept being create so, naturally, a second store was born. Hello Hazel Company was created to focus solely on fur baby items.



Their bandanas are made with original designs and sayings. It’s no wonder that these were an instant hit with #dogmoms! Because of the quick and positive feedback, Kathy and Michelle expanded their shop to include collars, clothing, and so much more!

Silk bow ties, silk flower collars, cutesy bandanas, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, necklaces… So many cute things! Check them out now so you don’t continue to feel a void in your life. Make the purchase. You don’t even need to think twice about it!



I can’t tell you how delightful it was talking with these gals. They were quick to respond, had great input when I told them how I wanted to announce our son’s arrival, and they’re just super sweet, understanding, and knowledgeable about dog products and special events! Their website is beautiful and easy to navigate. Their social media accounts have the CUTEST pictures. You will die from cuteness overload!!!



I will continue stalking their Instagram account for daily pick-me-ups, shop around on their etsy shop and website, and continue to tell every other dog mom about them! I am soooo incredibly obsessed with all things Hello Hazel Co.! What a fantastic experience from beginning to end.