A Puppy Filled Christmas!


It’s the greatest time of the year! Lights glistening, carolers singing, puppies cuddling, hot cocoa simmering… JUST EVERYTHING! But is there a way to combine our love for dogs into everything that is Christmas? Why, yes there is! And we’re here to tell you how!


Pawliday Decor

For most humans on this Earth, decorating for Christmas is almost better than the actual day itself. We all love it! The only way it could be more exciting is if your dog could actually partake in the occasion and help hang the lights. Nonetheless, their cuteness is inspiration enough because this year you can make your house reflect your dog love craziness with holiday style!


Pier 1 Park Avenue Puppies

Dog Stockings

Pottery Barn Doormat

Pier1 Pillow

Khols Christmas Towel

Kohls Blanket

Peachy Sunday Christmas Mug

Pet Treat Advent Calendar

Wrapping Paper 

Even though all the gift might not be puppy themed or might not be for the fur-babies, that sure the heck doesn't mean they don't have to wrapped in their sweet faces! Check out two of our favorite companies, who make our gift dreams come true!! 

Gift Wrap My Face & Noble Friends Shop

Christmas Cards

Who are you trying to fool? Everyone already knows that you’re obsessed with your dog and that they are, in fact, very much a part of your family! Therefore, there is no better way to send your ‘Warmest Wishes’ and ‘Holiday Greetings’ to your loved ones than with your pup as the star… or actually any pup for that matter. Just as long as your Christmas cards this year are dog themed, they’ll be perfect.

Jingle All The Way- Yellow Daisy Paper Co.  

Boop Christmas- Wonderflies

Wolfhound Christmas

Warm Wishes and Wet Kisses Minted

Holiday Card Minted

Reindeer Ears Minted

Happy Pawliday Shutterfly

Pet Greeting Shutterfly

Giddings Gifts Card

Merry Pugging Christmas!

Shop Till Your Drop!

Shopping for Christmas gifts can either be very fun or very stressful depending on who you are shopping for. Especially if you are the kinda person that is like “ one for you, one for me”. But when it comes to shopping for the dog lovers in your life, things can get tricky! You would THINK there would be 100s of things to pick from for all the dog fanatics out there, but sadly that is not the case. But, don’t worry us Gals have got you covered! We have pulled some of our favorite gifts for the dog mom, the dog dad and of course THE dog in your life. For more shopping guides on the best gifts for this season, head over to our Gift Guide post!


Christmas Eve Outfit Human + Hound Edition

Like mother, like dog! That’s how the saying goes, right? This season, as you’re covertly updating your holiday wardrobe, make sure that your pup looks just as festive as you do! Us Gals like to follow the “one for me, two for the pup” rule when it comes to shopping.


Woof and Wild



Daisy & Me

Sparkly Prints

What Sherry Sews

Pawsome Paws Boutique

Holiday Santa Chewy

Clive and Bacon



Macy's Pugs & Kisses Holiday Sweater

Nordstrom Ho, Ho, Ho Dog Sweater T-Shirt

Walmart  Feliz Navi-dog! Sweater

Merry Pitmas Pitbull Ugly Christmas Sweater

Custom Dog Sweater


Giving pups all over a Christmas to remember!

What better way to celebrate the season than to donate your time or make a monetary donation to homeless pets? Dig through your closet and find old blankets, sheets, towels, anything that a shelter pup could curl up in and maybe feel a little bit more cozy. In addition to comfort, shelter animals spend an unfortunate amount of time inside. Any durable toys, such as Kongs, to help occupy them inside their cell, are always needed!

Like we said, it is the GREATEST time of the year! And somehow dogs have managed to make it even better! Let us know how YOU’VE incorporated your pups into your Christmas season by commenting below!