Woof & Wild

Winter is here, and we are so excited! Not sure what we are more excited about, the snow, the cozy nights in, the sweaters and coats, the new year goals or dressing the pups in all the winter themed and fabric gear we can find! Let’s be honest, that last one is definitely what we are most excited about. There is nothing better than your fur-baby in a chunky sweater, a puffer coat or my personal favorite a flannel bandana. To tell you that I go on the search every November for the perfect one would be a lie... because I start in October.

This year I fell in love with Woof & Wild! This amazing company was started by a mother and daughter duo who have the same passion of animals in need and using their creativity to do it!

After rescuing their fur-baby Wyatt, a special needs Australian Shepherd, in 2012, it opened their eyes to how many dogs are in shelters, waiting to be adopted. They created Woof & Wild to offer a line of products that would also contribute to a higher quality of life for all of the dogs who are still hoping to find their forever homes. And they are doing all this in style!

We asked Woof & Wild some questions on this amazing brand that have started! See their answers below!

How did you get started?

I got started with my mom about a year and a half ago when I asked her if she could sew a bandana with some fabric I gave her. I thought the bandana would look cute on my dog Fergie (and it did!) I had her make another bandana for my other dog, Wyatt, and then after that I thought "why stop here?" We started selling them on Etsy just to see if there was interest and before we knew it shops across the country were stocking them in their stores.

Tell us about your pups!

Fergie is a 10-yr-old Mini Aussie with a whole lotta spunk. Whenever I take her out people think she's a puppy. She knows how to work it so she usually gets her way with everrrrrything. Wyatt is a 7-yr-old Aussie who is a bit more reserved and laid back. However, his one quirk is he gets very excited when anyone sings "Happy Birthday." (He likes to sing along.)

Any others that influence your work?

We are inspired by bold, modern prints and try to incorporate a versatile array of styles and colors each season.

What keeps you inspired?

The doggies keep us inspired! It's so wonderful to see everyone sharing their pics on Instagram and how gosh darn cute all the pups look in their bandanas. We also love donating a portion of our sales to shelters to lend aid to dogs still waiting to find their forever homes.

If you are in the look out for some new Christmas swag please do yourself a huge favor and check out Woof & Wild today! They don’t only have the best Christmas swag, but that adorable prints year round! Wolf & Wild also has a great line of products for us humans, everything from mugs to sweatshirts!