Tech Savvy Doggy Must haves!

Its 2017 and we are all about living that tech- savvy lifestyle. So, when it comes to  our fur-babies, we want them to be update on the hottest trends! There are so many amazing doggie gadgets out on the market that it could get very overwhelming! We have picked a few of our favorites! Hope you enjoy!


1. Sony ActionCam

THIS IS EVERYTHING! I can not wait to get one from the pups! Talk about some good insta content for the feed!

2. Dart Automatic Laser Pet Toy

This fun dart laser is the perfect toy for your fur-baby! Such a good way to keep your pup mentally stimulated!

3. PetCube

The PetCube, what more can we say but GET IT! You can watch and play with your dog from anywhere with just an app. It's the perfect gadget for us #dogmoms with separation anxiety.

4. GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher

Is your dog, the kinda pup that is non-stop? If so, we totally understand. That’s why GoDogGo is the perfect toy for your fur-baby who never wants to stop, but your arm just can’t take it.

5. Petnet

This automatic pet feeder is everything. Those nights when you are stuck on the subway or you get a little crazy at HH, no worries, your pup will be fed right on time!

6. PetZen Dog Treadmill

Another fun tool for that over active pup! The PetZen Dog Treadmill is perfect of those days that you just can't get out of the house, whether it’s the weather or your are sick or everything else under the mood. This PAWsome gadget helps keep your pup active and in shape no matter what!

7. FitBark

Keep your pup in shape! The FitBark is everything! You can track your pup activity level, how well they are sleeping along with so much more!

8. AugieDog Stool Tool

So basically this thing is awesome. It’s the coolest pooper scooper we have ever seen. It is automatic pooper picker upper, that works with just the touch of a button. So no more poop bags and smelly messes!

9. WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

This is the perfect gadget for summer days! While you are out in the backyard, laying out, playing fetch or doing some gardening, make sure that your pup always has some fresh and cold water at his paw-tips!