All-Natural Tummy Ache Solution

When Abbie was a young pup, she had TERRIBLE gas! Like… made you leave the house for an HOUR bad gas! So what caused her horrendous flatulence? I’m not sure! It could have been IBD, poor gut health, or maybe just digestive issues due to the food we were feeding?! We never got her diagnosed, so I don’t want to incorrectly assume something!

In addition to her offensive aroma, she had diarrhea, would eat grass a lot, and she’d cry from what I’m sure was abdominal pain (nobody enjoys gas bubbles!). I hated seeing (and smelling) her like this. And I’m sure it wasn’t enjoyable for her either! Abbie’s stomach issues are the reason I chose to feed RAW in addition to finding natural remedies for puppy issues.

** NOTE: If your pup has these issue, PLEASE don’t self-diagnose his/her symptoms because it may lead to incorrect treatment and result in you ignoring symptoms of something else. See your vet if you’re concerned. **

In our raw feeding posts, we’ve talked about the importance of gut health. The gut is in a committed relationship with the immune system. #truelove. So when a dog's gut is unhealthy, the immune system can't do it's job properly. And breaking up is NOT an option!!!

My non-veterinarian belief is that most dogs have digestive issues due to a kibble diet. If your dog is on a raw diet and still experiencing these issues, you’ll want to find a remedy to calm his/her tummy!

Try this easy Essential Oil blend! It works WONDERS for my pups when they have upset tummies. (COUNTER SURFERS!) I chose DoTERRA oils because I’ve done extensive research and used my pregnancy nose to test them out (haha) and these, in my opinion, are the most pure. **Side note: I’ve tried Young Living oils, Aveda oils, and a few other brands from Whole Foods, etc. so if you like those, try these!**

  • STEP 1! Blend equal amounts (1-2 drops) of DoTERRA Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense together. If your pup has sensitive skin, dilute the blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • STEP 2! Lay your fur baby on his/her back facing away from you. Rub the blend on your pup’s tummy using a clockwise motion, making sure to avoid their lady or man bits (peppermint oil is considered a hot oil).

This will help soothe their gas discomfort. And a little goes a long way! Dogs are very sensitive to smells so be mindful of them and never rub the oils around their face!

That’s it! TWO EASY STEPS!

Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities

Peppermint helps alleviate stomach aches

Frankincense promotes healthy cellular function and feelings of relaxation

If you’re using essential oils or want to START using them, please reach out to me before purchasing them from Amazon, eBay, or even local grocery stores! The prices are appealing but the stuff inside the bottles may do more harm than good. And we all want the best natural products for our fur babies!

If you’d like us to make you a blend for stomach aches and pains, send us an email with the request! We love promoting natural remedies for our pups!!!