Atticus' Own

Sometimes in life, we experience dilemmas. And 90% of the time those dilemmas have to do with dogs. Am I right?!  I might need help figuring this one out, pawrents. Okay, here goes…

Which one do I love more? Do I love watching my dogs enjoy Atticus’ Own treats or do I love scrolling through Atticus’ Own Instagram and seeing how much fun Bradford (owner and certified pet nutritionist) has with his pups and company?! Seriously, I’m obsessed with the pictures of Bradford and his Weims!!! They have SO much fun and their pictures are contagious with happiness!

Besides making people smile on social media, Atticus’ Own provides delicious and healthy pet products, made with the highest quality, human-grade ingredients. This is one definite way you can affect the longevity and quality of life for your pets! Atticus’ Own has grain-, wheat-, and gluten-free options that contain no pesticides, toxins, or preservatives.

Atticus was a beautiful dog with a kind heart. He left this world too soon, at the age of 4, from glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the kidney). Atticus’ Own Pet Products was created to honor his life. Atticus had a positive impact on everyone that met him. At Atticus’ Own, they believe that pets are a true gift and should be treated as such, because they add true joy and unconditional love to each of our lives.


Meat and plant-based, one ingredient treats and products. Super obsessed with these! I love the single-ingredient goodies! Chicken jerky, duck feet (a bird dog’s favorite), pig skins, PAWerkraut probiotic, fish jerky, and a sweet potato hemp rope chew (great to keep dogs occupied while you’re at work).

Atticus' Own PAWerkraut Raw Probiotic is a supplement that your dog cannot live without!

There are SO many benefits!!! Aids in digestion process, boosts the immune system, helps prevent cancer, fights E-coli, Salmonella and Candida, has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s high in minerals and phytonutrient antioxidants, helps generate Omega-3 fatty acids, and it even helps alleviate anxiety and depression!

WOW! That’s a long list of benefits! Seriously, you need this stuff! Just add a little bit as a food topper and your pup is good to go!


Although these are not single ingredient treats, each ingredient has it’s own health benefit and was added to the treat for a reason! Your dog’s tail is going to CRAZY when you bust these bad boys out! He/She might even take flight because that tail will wag so fast! LOL. These treats are wheat- and gluten-free and made with ingredients to help your dog maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. The Lavender and Honey treats really resonate with me! SOOOO many great health benefits!!!


These crunchy, small, bite sized delectable treats are grain-free and will have your dog begging for more and more! Our dogs like the stinky ones (lamb, to me, is really smelly). But I’m sure they’re all delicious to our precious pups!

Atticus’ Own is an amazing company with amazing products! So now, you need to go make a purchase!! Then stalk their freaking CUTE social media pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.