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There is nothing more annoying than riding with your gals to brunch, only to find out you have dog hair all over your carefully chosen ensemble. I know that some dog mom’s think dog hair is the equivalent of sparkly glitter, but there’s a time and a place for each of these, ya know? And neither dog hair nor glitter belong on a fashion-forward gal or in her vehicle.

Whether you have cloth seats or leather seats, 4Knines protects you and your car from dog hair, tears and scratches, and provides an overall better riding experience for you and your passengers, 2 and 4-legged!

Jim, Maggie, and their two Dobies, Ares and Ana, started it all. As founders of 4Knines, the concept for these quality products evolved from real-life experiences when traveling with their dogs. “How can we travel with our best friends and not go nuts? How do we keep the dogs comfortable, the vehicle clean, and make the trip a pleasure?” Instead of allowing these questions to drive them mad, these questions drove them to becoming innovators. The final answer? 4Knines - a stylish and durable line of dog seat covers that will stand up to the test of time… and mud, dirt, claws, and slobber.

In addition to 4Knines’ offering quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design features, they are committed to the pawrents who purchase them and to the doggos who use them. 4Knines is a community-based business that was homegrown in Scottsdale, Arizona and continues to reach out to communities all across the United States and beyond. Their roots have given them a very personal point of view on customer service and they want to make sure that every single customer’s experience is unparalleled. And if I’m being honest, they have a phenomenal line of products and their customer service is just as extraordinary! 4Knines gets the Chelsea Evans seal of approval!

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If reading this far hasn’t persuaded you to purchase one of their beautiful and durable seat covers, this will. They provide FREE shipping, a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all cargo liners and seat covers! Like WHAAAT?!! Are you serious? If it wasn’t enough that they have remarkable designs and excellent workmanship, their customer care just made them untouchable when it comes to competitors. What competitors, am I right?

4Knines has a ton of options for every dog mom out there. If you’re a mom to a little one like me, you’re thinking, “They won’t have what I need to fit a carseat and two dogs in the back seat”. BUT THAT’S INACCURATE! Holy cow! You can protect your backseat AND have your LO securely buckled in his/her carseat! Que the happy tears, my fellow mamas!

4Knines believes that owning this business is a two-way street. AKA with every product sold comes an opportunity to give something back to the community. And they do! For every sale, 4Knines donates $1.00 to various Animal Advocacy Groups! Check out the many animal groups here. 4Knines doesn’t just make a difference in how our fur babies ride in the car, they are making a different for all pets everywhere!

SO! You still haven’t pushed “Add To Cart” for some reason… Why hesitate? You want to protect your backseat, right? And you want to be able to use your middle console or middle buckle, yeah? Then the split seat cover is EXACTLY what you need! There are two sizes to ensure the right fit for your car. This design allows more flexibility while protecting the rear seat in your car. 4Knines uses premium components to provide the best dog seat covers on the market.

We use the regular size, backseat split-cover and it fits great in our VW Jetta and Mercedes 350 GLK. This seat cover is padded for comfort, waterproof for post-adventuring, and free of AZO dyes and heavy metal like lead, arsenic, and mercury. Yes, believe it or not, some other products have traces of these metals. GROSS! 4Knines also uses color fast material so you don’t have to worry about their product color-bleeding onto your vehicle or belongings. The top part of the cover is a soft and durable fabric while the under part is a non-slip rubbery material to keep it secure while driving. Abbie INSTANTLY loved this and wanted to lay down on it! As you can see from the photos, she didn't let me fully put it on before jumping in and laying down. LOL.

I’m absolutely in love with this product and recommend it to EVERYONE who travels with pets, or heck, even if you’re just grocery shopping and want to protect your seats from normal wear and tear! 4Knines seat covers are heavy-duty yet fashionable, so you can drive to brunch dog hair-free, fashionable, and with baby and dog in-tow!

Which style suits you and your needs? Have a chance to win the 4Knines seat cover of your choice!

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