The Custom Phone Case that lets you carry your pup everywhere - Pets United!

Warning, get your tissues ready!!

This story all started when founders Oscar and Ophelia, lost their beloved dog. He was one of the most important parts of their lives. They wanted to create a way they could always remember him, and always have him with them. So, four years after he passed that rainbow bridge, they decided to form a team in the U.S. and gather the best designers and fellow pet lovers. They created the first cartoon custom phone case to memorialize their dog. Now, they can fly with Little Orange wherever they go.

Things just exploded from there. They were ready to spread the joy to other people and give them that same feeling with their pets. They bought a different kind of machine to create unique and custom cartoon phone case designs for all the pet lovers. They expressed that it is not only about the products, but about bringing joy. They are all about the joy!  They just want to give their customers that same feeling of being able to carry their fur babies with them, and make memories with them.

They were so amazing to work with. They sent me a mock up of what my phone case would look like before printing and shipping it, and of course, I LOVED it!! Who doesn’t love a custom phone case with their pets face on it?? I had asked about making a few custom changes for the background, and they were completely happy to do it. They truly aim to just make their customers happy. I love that customer satisfaction!

They now have over 25,000 customers around the world, and have made over 30,000 designs! They even have celebrities using their products and sharing the joy! Wow! There’s that word again, joy. The word I would say they used the most throughout their story. You can tell when talking to them, they are truly passionate about their products, and it was such a JOY to experience it first hand!

So, whether or not your pet has crossed over the rainbow bridge, or is still with you, do yourself a favor and get a custom phone case from Pets United so you can carry them with you everywhere!

“We should always remember all the great memories we created. Therefore, by putting your loved ones on the customized case, you can not only take it wherever you go, but also make the memories last forever. This is why we aim to bring you fancy items which immortalize a special moment for you.” -Oscar and Ophelia- Founders of Pets United