FDA Breaking News on Popular Food Brands

As most of you already know, a new study recently came out from the FDA linking a long list of very popular dog food brands to heart disease.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has identified more than a dozen brands of pet food that it says are most frequently connected to a spike in reported cases of heart disease in dogs.

The FDA is continuing to investigate more than 500 reports of dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, in dogs eating certain types of pet food. DCM is a form of canine heart disease that can cause congestive heart failure in dogs.

We have pulled together some of our favorite food brands that we use, love and trust! 

My Ollie

Ollie’s recipes are vet-formulated and gently cooked to preserve the right amount of nutrients. Made using 98% natural, human-grade ingredients and 2% supplements, the food is fairly sourced and prepared in a USDA inspected and FDA regulated facility, alongside human food that is sold at top tier retailers. You can learn more about Ollie here and get a code for 50% off your first order!  


If you have ever taken a science class then you know that animal-based proteins help build muscle. Dogs are meant to eat meat! Nulo offers high-meat foods that are low in carbs and they use low-glycemic ingredients so your dog can maintain a healthy weight! Far too often do we see overweight dogs in the world. Not only is it bad for their health, but it’s bad for their joints, muscles, and bones. See more about Nulo here

Stella and Chewy: 

They only use organic fruits and veggies, gluten-free, the meats are all grass-fed and the chicken is all cage-free! Every kibble option from Stella and Chewy’s is 65%-70% meat and animal ingredients, just what our dogs want and what they need! Learn more about Stella and Chewy here!


This formula is Darwin’s premium line of raw dog food. It’s grain-free, gluten-free, and includes free-range meats and organic vegetables. ALL of their proteins (beef, chicken, duck, lamb, and turkey) are raised in cage-free, are free-roaming or pasture-raised, grass fed, and are free of steroids, antibiotics, and artificial growth hormones. You can learn more about one of our favorite Raw lines Darwins here

Only Natural Pet:

There are so many things about ONP that we love. One of the many things we love is that they only use human quality ingredients and health standards for everything, so you know that everything you are giving them is something you would give yourself. Learn more about ONP here!

Ziwi Pets:

Ziwi’s air-dried food is 98% fresh meat recipes are handcrafted daily in small batches, and then slowly & gently air-dried to protect the nutrients in the food. The best part is Ziwi’s air-dried recipes are complete & balanced and can be fed as a daily diet, topper, or treat. Ziwi’s air-dried food contains more moisture than dry kibble, so there is no need to re-hydrate. You  can learn more about Ziwi Pets here

Here is the full list of the brands that the FDA is linking to dog with heart disease and the number of cases so far. 

  • Acana: 67

  • Zignature: 64

  • Taste of the Wild: 53

  • 4Health: 32

  • Earthborn Holistic: 32

  • Blue Buffalo: 31

  • Nature's Domain: 29

  • Fromm: 24

  • Merrick: 16

  • California Natural: 15

  • Natural Balance: 15

  • Orijen: 12

  • Nature's Variety: 11

  • NutriSource: 10

  • Nutro: 10

  • Rachael Ray Nutrish: 10

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