Abbie + Gunner's Daily Favs + New Obsession

As dog bloggers and pet influencers on social media and abroad, you know that Abbie and Gunner have tried lots and lots (and lots) of food, treats + chews, squeaky toys + plush toys, bath + grooming products, vitamins + supplements, flea + tick prevention, and the list goes on and on (and on)! So, when we found a company that fit all of my wants and all of their needs, we decided they were a keeper!


Who might this amazing company be?! Only Natural Pet of course!!! By now, y’all know that our household is ALL about natural products so we don’t allow anything with chemicals or toxins into our home! Just like you, we want only the best for our family members - human and fur alike.


Only Natural Pet only carries goods that meet their rigorous product standards, which align with ours. They’re dedicated to helping us dog moms find the best natural solutions for our fur babies! They’re real, compassionate dog lovers who are ready to help YOU find the best products for your fur baby. And with a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee… you can only go right!

Only Natural Pet sources healthy, high quality ingredients with never ANY bad stuff (you know the ones I’m talking about). Let’s say I didn’t read the label on their bags of food (obvi I did). How would I know that it’s a quality food?! Well, for starters, Abbie and Gunner, time and time again, chose Only Natural Pet over their RAW FOOD!!! I was absolutely flabbergasted y’all!!! This is no exaggeration. EVERY. TIME. I finally stopped giving them the option after a week because I didn’t want to waste food!!! I knew after a week of the dogs choosing Only Natural Pet’s Raw Infused food over their raw food, it was time to make the decision and completely switch. And we’ve never looked back.


ONP only uses human-grade ingredients and health standards, has a holistic veterinarian on staff that approves every product, and their food is biologically appropriate for maximum health benefits, even for those allergy-prone puppers! In our last post, we also mentioned that their proteins are grass fed and cage free whenever possible, fish are sustainably harvested, and they never ever (ever) use artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, by-products, parabens, sulfates, DEA, phosphates, phthalates, ingredients from China, chemical pesticides, and the list goes onnnn! (Gasping for air because that was the longest list everrrr!) Thank you, Only Natural Pet, for caring for humans, dogs, and the earth.


The strongest relationships are those built on trust. We hope that you’ll trust Only Natural Pet as you trust us, because they are honest and transparent in every aspect of their business. They have straightforward policies and they are as authentic as your very own pooch.


If Abbie and Gunner had to choose their top 5 favorite products by ONP, they wouldn't be very happy to only choose 5, because they seriously love them ALL! But these would be the winners!

PowerFusion - Wild Feast

Abbie and Gunner love this exotic blend of proteins!

All Meat Bison Bites

These chewy treats are drool worthy, according to the puppers.

Ultimate Daily Vitamin Bites

Savory, daily gummies that your doggo will love too!

Raw Rabbit Niblets

Abbie + Gunner look at me like I’m crazy if I don’t top their food with a handful of these each day!

Venison + Lamb Jerky Bites

More treats? Go figure! Abbie + Gunner will hunt these down if I hide them in the house.

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