Alissa Levy Pet Portraits

It’s #artistthursday!!! One of the best reasons for Thursday to be Thursday!!! You know besides #TGIT and 24 hours till Friday, but this is for sure the 3rd best reason! This week we wanted to share the amazing work by Alissa Levy Pet Portraits! She is so freaking talented with what she does and her work just catches your eye right off the bat! I mean look how amazing this portrait is that she did of Pharrell and Rosie!!! I love it so much!!!

Alissa is based out of Germany, but is blessing people all over the world with her amazing art!

One of my favorite things that she does is portraits with humans and their pups and/or cats (if you’re into that kinda thing). You can either get them as portraits to hang or… wait for it…. She does wedding invites!!!! Like, someone put a ring on it so I can get her to make mine ASAP!  

Her portraits range from $25-$70 depending on how many pets/humans you want.  

Alissa also does so many cool things, like pen and ink work, acrylic paint and jewelry! Make sure you go check her out on Etsy today!!

IG: @alissalevy

Another reason why we love Alissa is how she explained why she loves dogs…. See below.

“Dog’s are (wo)man’s best friend forever. They are a constant source of surprises and rewards. They love you no matter what and are the best therapy when you’re feeling down. Dogs are better than ice cream  and they can enjoy each day to the fullest.”


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