Allku Pets- Dog gear

I don’t know about you, but almost every time I buy something “unnecessary”, I immediately get hit with guilt. Even when it comes to Drake, it’s hard to justify buying him a brand new collar just because it’s cute!

But, what if I said there is a company that not only brings you top of the line, hand made, dog accessories, but also donates a portion of your purchase to not just one, but TWO anti-cruelty and rescue organizations? Well guess what? I have found one!! Y’all, Allku Pets has made my heart skip a beat.
I. AM. OBSESSED. And I have zero guilt about it!

First let me start by telling you that Allku (which is Quechua for Dog) is located high in the Andes mountains of northern Ecuador, thats just north of Peru and East of Brazil! (Yes, I had to brush up on my geography skills too!)

These Ecuadorian artisans carry a passion to not only provide durable and fashionable products for dogs, but a product that can continue to spread and pass on the the cultural identity and traditions of the Otavalo people of Ecuador.

Where does this desire come from? Well… Now for the cool part, if you're a crazy dog lady like I am (which I am assuming you are if you’re reading this blog) then you are going to LOVE this.

According to the history provided… Dog’s held a particularly important place in ancient society. The Inca believed that a “black dog companion” helped guide the spirits of the dead along the long dark road on the path to reincarnation. Without their dog guide, the spirits of the deceased would be forever lost.

How cool is that?!

In addition, Allku has some of the most fashionable leashes, collars AND harnesses I have ever seen. Their unique stitching and color patterns are all handmade and one of a kind. Not only that, I can attest to the durability and quality of their products. Drake’s new leash is THE best thing ever, so soft and flexible in my hands, which is crucial on those long walks.

On top of all of that greatness, they are currently offering a limited edition sweater designed especially for that cute pup in your life! Each sweater is sewn by… HAND! No two are alike. Totally perfect for that quickly (or slowly) winter weather approaching!

The important side note...  Like I said earlier, Allku supports both the Anti Cruelty Society and the Sean Casey Animal Rescue. So go ahead and see for yourselves! Check out what this awesome group of dog lovers has to offer. And when you do, feel good knowing that you really are making a difference!


Instagram: @allkupets