Amy Richards Pet Portraits

And another one!!! Y’all know by now that I am obsessed with art work of my fur-babies! And the fact that their are so many talents artist out there with such different takes on how to capture the personalities of dogs, is so AMAZING to me! Amy Richards is one of those artist that just amazes me every time I see her work. Look how cool/amazing/perfect this is!!

It all started with Amy won a contest held by an account she follows on IG and ever since she has received various request of dogs, cats, and every other pet you can think of! She has now blown up on IG with fans and followers!


Her love with dogs is very apparent with her work and her own fur-baby (see on her social media). Amy says that dogs are particularly unique because of their bond with us in comparison to other animals, and she is SO RIGHT! She also adds that their willingness to serve us, has made the dog the center of her research and the reason why she adores them so!

Here is so more of her amazing work! Make sure you check her out and get one done of your pup! (They make GREAT Instagram profile pictures, Check out @pharrell_the_pup’s)

To get one of these amazing art prices done of your fur-baby, head over to Amy’s Instagram and send her a DM at @atticusvomgermelhaus!!