Anna Taylor Nason

That moment you get on your pups Insta, and see a new tag. Then the moment you look at the tag, and see that someone has drawn a picture of them! Like, talk about a good day! I love my dogs more than I love most people, and when I see other people that love them enough to take their time and share their amazing talents through them, makes me so happy! Well, that what happen when Anna, tagged @pharrell_the_pup in a picture!

Look how amazing this is!!!


Anna attended the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in illustration. She now lives in Brookline, a city outside of Boston. Three years ago to start her career, specializing in custom watercolor pet portraits.

Her love for pups started when she was a child with her pup Maine, now 14 years old, still kickin it with her parents! Anna thought she was going to be “small dog” person forever, until one day when she met her sister pit mix, Chloe! Then she opened her heart to ALL breeds, like we all end up doing at some point!

Anne’s work is AMAZING! Take a look as some of these great pieces she has done! If you want to get on the bandwagon make sure you check her out!

Intstagram: @atn.illustration