Apple Picking With Your Dog

Y’all, It’s FALL!! That’s right, FALL! Bring out the chunky sweaters, the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, the cuddle seshs with your man, the football, the TV shows and best of all the annual apple picking! Like, FOR REAL, there is nothing that I love more than FALL! I love everything single thing about it, except that it doesn’t last very long, so I try and make sure I get everything done on my “fall bucket list” ASAP, and apple picking is at the top of the list! And you already know, that the dogs will be a part of this.


Taking your pup with you to go apple picking isn’t only good for Instagram pictures, I mean, I know that’s the number one reason, but there are many other reasons why your fur-baby will love this day trip! It is such a great excuse to get your dog out and about… and for me out of the city! However, before going, there are some things to keep in mind when you take your pup to the orchard, so make sure you know the dos & don’ts


Make sure you are going to an orchard that is dog friendly. You wouldn’t want to get all the way there only to find out that you have to leave you pup in the car with the window cracked….(you’d probably just leave). So make sure you call and double check with them! We have pulled a few dog friendly orchards below for you to check out!


Pennings Orchard

Wright’s Farm

Apple Ridge Orchard

Nashoba Valley Winery

Poverty Lane Orchards


Apple Valley Orchard

Love Creek Orchards

Henrietta Creek Orchard


Los Rios Rancho

Riley’s Apple Farm

Rock Creek Farm

Jones Creek Farm



Make sure you put your tick and flea meds on your dog before going. Being out at an orchard is obviously in the woods or a highly plant heavy area. You never know what bush or tree your dog will rub up on! So make sure you they are all covered when it comes to keeping nasty ticks and fleas off of them!


Make sure that you have a leash! Even if your dog is great off leash, most places will require them to be on leash. Not everyone is a dog person, at least that’s what I’ve been told…. I know, odd.


There are mushed and half eaten apples on the floor at orchards, so make sure you keep an eye on your pup. Don’t let them eat anything that you don’t personally give them yourself. Apples are good for pups, so if you choose to give them a little taste of the day, make sure it comes from you and that you aren’t giving them any part of the core or seeds.


 Be considerate of your fellow apple pickers. As we know, not everyone is into four-legged fur balls of unconditional love and kisses. So make sure you dog isn’t getting in others’ business and most of all… if you have boy, make sure he isn’t lifting his leg on any of the trees, since people are eating right off the tree!

We hope you are enjoying fall with your pup as much as we are! If do decide to head out to an orchard, please make sure to tag on us Instagram, we would love to see your pup picking some apples!