Arm The Animals

If you know me at all, then you know that I have WAY too many clothes. I mean, I should know better honestly, I live in NYC, so my closet space is very, VERY limited. But, that's what ovens and kitchen cabinets are for! Sweaters in the oven and jeans or pants in the cabinets? When you have a sickness, you can either work against it or just work with it… I choose to work with it! I eat out a lot anyways, so who needs a kitchen for cooking and food, when you can just use it as an extent of your closet! In all honestly, I really try to not shop and buy as many clothes anymore, I know I have a problem….BUT, when I find a line that is all about the animals… well, I’m a goner.

ATA, are one of my newest obsessions. Their mission is to Raise Awareness & Funds While Providing Support For Animal Welfare Organizations. And they do this with CUTEST Ts!

This amazingly bad ass company was born in 2010. The whole idea came from the tragedy of the founders losing their sister, who was a lifelong animal advocate and a #petparent to dozens of rescues. Arm The Animals serves as a living tribute and means of carrying on a legacy that was ended too soon. I KNOW, that right there makes you fall in love with this company even before seeing how great their stuff is!

7 years ago, animals welfare tees were not the chic and fun shirts that they wanted! There was definitely a missing market of a cool and trending brand that still brought awareness to the problem, so Arm The Animals was born and soon changed the game. The vibe of Arm The Animals is rooted in activism, humor, rock and of course pop culture, add in a little snarky, irreverent DIY ethos and you have a wonderful combination that is now rocking our world!

Arm The Animals started online and in some Cali based pet events. Once people started to get a whiff of this amazing brand, they grew immediately and gained such an awesome following. Since they have started they have worked with over 100 different animal welfare organizations! In addition to Arm The Animals providing donation funds from sales, they have also provides printing services, graphic design, marketing, social media strategies, logistical support and anything else a rescue partner may need or request.

There is so many amazing things we could say about this company, but we think you get the hit… they are AWESOME! One of my favorite things about Arm The Animals is the product! I can dress up all of the shirts I have to go out with friends for a little day drinking or shopping or I can just throw on some jeans and chucks with it and head to Central Park with Pharrell and Rosie. Everytime I wear one out, I get stopped. Like no joke, people LOVE them! Its also, not just for dog lovers, it's for those “cat people” too. They also have so many great choices for my fav WILD LIFE! And for just people who love animals in general! They have something for anyone and everyone! Besides all the awesome apparel they offer, you can get hats, bags, mugs, leggings, pet gear and so much more.

If you are like me and need to take a little break from work and have a shopping break then please head over to Arm The Animals and pick something up for yourself and maybe a gift for another animal lover in your life! I promise that you will be just obsessed and hooked as we are!