Asher and Gray Pet Bandanas

Y’all how cute does Pharrell and Rosie look in their new Asher and Gray bandanas! I know, I know….cute AF! I love everything about Asher and Gray, the light airy designs are all something that I would wear myself, so being able to put that around my loves necks make my heart happy!



Lauren is the genius behind one of my new favorite companies! She is the #furmama to her Maltipoo Asher, and her Tabby Cat, Gray! Asher and Gray are more than just pets to Lauren, as we can all understand, they have been part of her family since the day she adopted them! She has loved dressing them up since day one! Lauren started Asher and Grey Designs as a way to share her lover of per accessories with pet owners all over the world. She has alway been a fan of handmade accessories because of the time and love that goes into making them.



Everything in the Asher and Gray shop is handmade by Lauren herself and she makes sure all the items are perfect before she sends them out to us #dogmoms! Lauren wants all of her customer to be just as excited when they receive their items as she is when she ships them out. Asher and Gray has a variety of amazing pet accessories that include bandanas, bow ties, hair bows and blankets. She also makes pet tents that she sales at her craft shows.

One of my favorite things about her bandanas, is that they are reversible! So that mean tow for the price of one y’all!!! And double the cute IG post for Pharrell and Rosie! They are all made with coordinating fabrics so you can show a little bit of the other side! Most of the bandanas also have matching hair bows which are seriously the cutest!!! They also make a variety of bow ties that come in different sizes, which Pharrell is totally into!



Lauren is hoping expand to more accessories in the future, she would love to make leashes and collars sometime in the near future! Her favorite thing about Asher and Gray Designs is that she gets to spend time her fur-babies while making adorable accessories for ours!

Y’all, I am so for real when I say chick on the link below and get some new darling swag for your pups!!!

Asher And Gray Designs

IG: @asherandgray


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