Aurora Dog Co.

Vintage shopping, maybe one of the best things ever invented. There is just something so cool about it, you know getting some so beautiful that was worn by someone in the 20s! Like just think about how much that piece of fabric has seen! And why stop the vintage shopping with us human! Dogs totally deserve to feel the power of the 20s too I think! And so does Lindsey from Aurora Dog co. Look how cool and chic these vintage bandanas are on Pharrell and Rosie girl! I am obsessed!


When Lindsey first got her Dachshund puppy, Steve, she was obsessed with trying to do things to dress him up in. The only issue was that everything was too big for him. She knew he would grow into most things she had bought him, but she had the hardest time finding bandanas that she loved that were actually small enough for him.


Lindsey has a very large hankie collection; she collects them from all over. One day, she thought to maybe put one of the pretty bandanas around Steve’s neck, and obvi….it looked amazing!!! Everyone kept complimenting her on it and asking where she got it, so she thought maybe she should share this idea with other dog lovers. She then designed the logo and tags and opened her AMAZING Etsy store in late 2015 as a side hobby. Her favorite thing about all of this, is when people show her photos of their pups wearing her bandanas, and of course they all look so chic!


In Lindsay’s words, why she loves dogs so much…

“I grew up with dogs all my life, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve never been without a dog in my life. The pup I have now, his name is Steve, I got him a little over a year ago, he’s my first dog that I can really call all my own. It’s great to have a special bond with something that loves you 100% no matter what. That’s why I love dogs so much, you can never lose their love.”


Make sure you check her out TODAY and get one of these one of a kind bandanas for your pups! Pharrell and Rosie get so many compliments on theirs!

IG: @AuroraDogCO