B. W. Barkey

Fall is here, like for real this time! It took till almost November, but the leaves are falling and the weather is chilly and the Dallas Cowboys are winning! But my favorite part of fall, is fall accessories for both me and the pups! I love fall colors, and I LOVE LOVE them on Pharrell and Rosie, for some reason, it just their color(s).


We are totally obsessed with B. W. Barkey! They have a huge sections of good for your fur-baby! Everything from bandanas, to bow tie collars & flower collars, to leashes and harnesses, to dog toys and beds and even treats! They are for real, your one stop shop for everything cute, adorable and pup. The quality of these products is amazing as well, like you know that you got a piece that is going to withstand your dog’s crazy adventure.

B.W. Barkey started as a goal to make healthy treats for the founders two pups, Bufford and Walker, also how they go the name B.W.. What started as trying to make their own pets happy and healthy has turned into a complete obsession.


In their treats they only use certified organic ingredients, wild caught Alaskan salmon and locally harvested produce. I mean, this is better than the food I buy for myself to eat! After having such a great successes with their treats, they decided to venture into the world of pet accessories, which I am crazy about! I love the choices of colors and patterns and most of all, as i mentioned before, the quality!




If you are looking for some new gear for your pup, or just some new healthy treats make sure you check out B.W. Barkey, you will be hooked and become a forever customer for them!


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