Puppy BABY Mama Shower!

We had a BABY!!!!!!! Yup, that’s right! ⅓ of the human pack is now an actual adult! Because you’re not a real adult until you have a baby right?!! (Kidding!) Our West Coast blogger, Chelsea, has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Liam.  And to say that we are ALL crazy obsessed with him is a total understatement. When we found out Chelsea and her husband were expecting a new edition to their family, we knew we wanted… no, HAD to shower her with puppy love in every way possible! We pulled together our favorite dog-themed baby items to make the ultimate puppy BABY mama gift!

First, we made sure that baby Liam had the perfect stuffed animal, and of course we wanted it to look just like his big sister, Abbie! So we had a clone made by Petsie! Petsie is a company that makes exact custom replicas of your fur-babies, perfect for the little ones in your life!

Then, we had to make sure to find the best gear for baby Liam to rep his older fur siblings and to make sure everyone knew he’s a dog lover from day 1! There are so many amazing companies out there that make this so easy for us #dogmoms turned real moms! Here are some of our favorites that we can’t wait to see Liam rock!

MONO FACES has breed themed baby leggings, hats, baby bombers, onesies, blankets and so much more!! I mean, come on!!! They might be the sole reason we want to have human kids!

Pawmiscuous, is the ultimate dog mom of us all! She has everything any dog loving mom could ever need for both their new baby, themselves and their fur-baby! Her baby onesies are cute AF and so witty! We highly suggest making sure you have one of each, and make sure to get something for yourself and the pup as well!

The 1st Year Baby has adorable puppy themed onesies that you can customize with your human and puppy babies name on them! How amazing is this!!!  

Baby Apparels, more ONESIES! Y’all onesies are probably the best thing ever created and totally make having a human baby worth it! Especially when the onesies revolve around pups!

Emee Jo Co, yup, guess what more cute AF dog themed onesies! And Emee Jo, also has these adorable Protected by “breed” blankets for the new love in your life, I mean, can you even!!!

To top off the gift we wanted to start Liam's book collection out right, and that was with all dog themed children's books! Here is a list of some of our favorites!

Taggies Buddy Dog

Charlie Ranch Dog

Dog Heaven

Good Dog Carl


Biscuit Goes School

Little Bright

If You Give Dog Donut

ABC Boo Book


For the next #dogmom in your life, that is expecting a human baby, make sure to shower her with dog-themed gifts. You will be hit of the shower! Please tag us in your puppy baby gifts/showers!