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Y’ALL! I have found the most durable and eye-catching collars, bandanas, and leads on the dog market! If you have a crazy pup that destroys every other collar and bandana with dirt, mud, rough housing, and adventuring, THIS is the post for you! And they even have a lifetime warranty! (Gasping in amazement!)

I’ve put Banded Pines accessories through the ringer for 6 months and can honestly give it 8 paws of approval. We’ve put their accessories through hiking in the mountains, running across vast fields, rough housing between fur-siblings, swimming in nasty ponds, and everyday wear and tear.

Banded Pines began with a gal who was tired of replacing her dogs’ collars due to the normal wear and tear mentioned above. She’s a badass dog mom to a Husky and a Collie/Retriever mix and, as you can imagine, both pups love playing outside. As you would expect with dogs who love the outdoors, they were rough on their collars. She realized that it was nearly impossible to get a collar that would hold up against, well, dogs just being dogs! And that was the moment when she decided to create her own. Since that day, she and her business partner (also her mom!) researched, developed, and produced, not only the most durable and dog-friendly collars, but also collars that look amazing! And you know us gals, we love and need our dogs to look stylish 24/7 just in case we need to get that perfect shot for the gram.

Banded Pines puts their customers first by helping our pups live, play, and love how they should. Why should our fur babies have to hold back when adventuring and playing because we’re nervous they’ll ruin their brand new collar or bandana?! They shouldn’t! THAT’S NOT A WAY TO LIVE! Thank goodness for Banded Pines stepping up and making the adventurous dog mom’s dream accessory line.

Their collars, leads, and bandanas are made by hand, are stain and water resistant, and built to last even through extreme weather and harsh environments when adventuring! I can attest to that! BP starts with polyester based materials, which are more expensive and longer-lasting than cotton or nylon. For this reason, they can offer a lifetime warranty that the competitors can’t. Banded Pines uses polyester webbing, polyester eco canvas material, polyester thread, and a waterproofing spray that resists stains. YOU GET THE IDEA RIGHT?!!

Since launching their original gear in 2015, Banded Pines has encouraged their customers to let their doggos run, swim, hike, and rough house wearing their collars to further enjoy worry-free adventuring. Thank you Banded Pines, for letting our dogs be dogs!

At first glance you may think their collars look like every other handmade dog collar out there, but if you take a closer look, you will understand the reason that Banded Pines’ collars are a little pricier than the competitor. These eye-catching accessories are specifically made for the outdoors and they actually last through many, many adventures.

Banded Pines likes to inspire and motivate, to push the adventurers, the dreamers, and the wanderers into the unknown. That goes for 2-legged and 4-legged ones! They strive for perfection and durability with each and every collar, lead, and bandana. Their webbing, hardware, and self-designed fabrics work together to create the most unique outdoor canine gear on the market. One of the many reasons their gear is worth the investment is that they wash up clean every time you have to throw them in the washing machine! Here are some photos of our Banded Pines collar before washing and after washing.

All of Banded Pines’ patterns are self-designed and copyrighted, stain-resistant, water-resistant, durable, and made from the toughest materials to withstand all of our adventures.

Okay, I’ve gone on and on and on about how durable and beautiful their fabrics are. So, let me just touch on how great their buckles are!

Their YKK plastic buckles are made for this adventuring stuff because, believe it or not, EVERY kind of metal rusts over time. Military Grade plastic is by far the best option for beach use since it can stand up to the sand and salt exposure without any issues! When BP launched their leads, many people asked why they didn't use lobster clips, and the truth is because they simply aren't made for outdoor use. BP uses a Marine Grade Steel swivel hook on their leashes that is used by The US Navy on the vast majority of their trips out to sea! Crazy cool, huh?!

join the adventure gbf

Banded Pines mission has always been to create worry-free adventuring for dog owners everywhere and they've seen the positive impact across the world! That's why they don't have just 'collections' of durable products. ALL of their products are durable and will stand up to anything you put them through! This is their passion, profession, and specialty, and it’s what fuels their mission to make the world a better place for dogs everywhere!

So adventure on, worry-free, my fellow dog moms! Let your fur babies run free in their natural environment and just know that their accessories are safe, no matter what extreme weather or harsh environment they meet. Join the pack today and enjoy the adventure tomorrow. Show this mom + daughter duo some love on social media! We dog moms have to support each other!




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