Bark Potty - inside potty breaks for your dog

Have you ever had something come up unexpectedly, something not planned? Or what about work… have you ever been stuck at work later than usual or worse, stuck in the most horrid traffic experience of your life? I think every single person can relate to this situation because unfortunately, life happens and sometimes things are out of our control. With all of that being said, as a dog mom, when something like this does happen, the very first thing that pops in our head is, my poor pup is going to have to “hold it” for even longer now! This is such a helpless and terrible feeling!

Basically, this is my long way of saying that Bark Potty is a LIFE SAVER! Seriously.

So what exactly is Bark Potty?

It is a modern day dog parent’s solution to the unexpected happenings in life. Bark Potty is a natural, convenient and clean bathroom fix for your pup when you can’t be there. 
Simply put, it is a small box that is made of real bark that contains those natural smells that compels your pup to “go”. Just like grass, the bark stimulates your dog’s desire to mark their territory, as a result they will “go” and have a potty break in the middle of a typical day in!

But... What about the smell?

Don’t worry, Bark Potty contains natural bacteria and other organic ingredients that help break down the odors from your pup, so you won’t have to worry about it stinking up your apartment or house. Whenever your dog goes potty, the liquid is absorbed into the bark just like it would grass. The box also contains disposable poo-bags to use just as you would when you are on a walk with your dog. On top of that, all of the ingredients are eco-friendly!! Music to my ears!

Why should you try it?

I will admit that there are actually many options out there when it comes to indoor potty break solutions for dogs. So what makes Bark Potty the right choice? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but I think the single most important fact, besides the affordability, is their commitment to providing a product that is SAFE for our dogs AND our Earth. If you do research into other products with the same sort of “idea”, you’ll find that a lot of them are made from artificial components and/or plastics. When these are used by your pup or weathered in any way, harmful chemicals are released and are dangerous to us, our dogs and our planet.

With this being said, Bark Potty has a “green” state of mind with a dog lover heart and have made our lives as dog parents, a little more stress free! Say goodbye to worrying about your little one who’s inside all day and not able to go potty. And best of all, say goodbye to the “wee-wee pads” that are honestly, well… just plain gross (no offense).

And to make the process even easier, they have included this promo code just for YOU:


Visit Bark Potty today and feel guilt free tomorrow when you leave your pup!!