Barkle Bow Ties

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas shopping is in full swing, we bring to you THE cutest bowties available on Etsy!

Barkle Bow Ties is a family owned and operated business. They strive to bring high-quality, fashionable bow ties to the world of pets and that is EXACTLY what they deliver! I was thoroughly impressed with the patterns and quality of the fabric. And believe it or not, these are even more beautiful in person! What makes these even GREATER is that there are boy and girl versions of each bow tie. Erin is the owner and designer and she was SUCH a joy to work with. 

How did Barkle Bow Ties come to be?

One afternoon I took the notion to make a bow tie for our dogs. Although they are both girls, their personalities do not match frilly items. So I pulled out my sewing machine, determined to design a high quality bow tie. Soon the entire family was working on the project and Barkle Bow Ties was born!

Tell us about your pups!

We are blessed with two wheaten terriers, Sally and Nutmeg, who are always there to greet us when we return home. Their consistent awareness to our needs may give them great purpose but, it give us an unmeasurable comfort. 

Our dogs are by our side when we are ill, stressed or sad to comfort us through our troubles. They are the first ones to remind us to play and enjoy the world around us. In addition our dogs teach our family about the importance of consistency and true love. 

Any others that influence your work?

Beyond my dogs I am blessed to share my life with a wonderful husband and three beautiful children whom I adore. I have been managing our household for 18 years and will always continue to do so. In addition I hope to build Barkle Bow Ties into a known brand and become more hands on with rescue centers.

What made you decide to help animal rescues?

Unconditional love, loyalty and pure joy are a few things that come to mind when thinking about dogs. The complete life balance that our pets unknowingly provide for us is priceless. It is for reasons like this I feel drawn and obligated to support organizations working tirelessly rescuing animals around the world. 

What keeps you inspired?
Having the support and encouragement from customers! I am looking forward to growing with Barkle Bow Ties.


In addition to Erin being a great entrepreneur and businesswoman, the bow ties shipped quickly, were the highest of high-quality, and I really enjoyed getting to know her and her inspirations. She has built a great business that stands on even better beliefs. She is beautiful inside and out and that shows in her work! We will be lifelong customers of Barkle Bow Ties.

Be sure to check out the Etsy shop and purchase yours today!!! Your pup will look dapper as ever for the holidays.