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October through December are by far my favorite months of the year. I love the holidays! Like, obsessed with them!  So when I got Pharrell and Rosie I wanted to make sure that they were included in on my obsession, weather they liked it or not. And if you read Gal’s Best Friend blog on the reg, then you also know that I am obsessed with bandanas, bow ties, flowers and anything that I can put on Pharrell and Rosie for a good Instagram sesh!


Barks A lot Bowtique has brought both my love Holidays and my pups together. All of their products are uniquely designed, created and handmade. It all started with two creative friends with high energetic pups! After lengthy conversations at the dog park and play dates at home, an everlasting bond was created between all of them.The pups loved to play together just as much as their humans loved to craft together, they were the perfect squad! They realized how great their creations were and wanted to start sharing them with other dog lovers. Noelle started to hand sew bows out of recycled fabric scraps. She thought it would be a bit humorous to sew one onto to her pups collar. He pranced around the dog park with his new stylish look, feeling dapper and handsome. After receiving many compliments, he quickly became known for his bow ties. It wasn’t long until all their dog parent friends wanted one too. Chris helped Noelle take her sewing skills to a new level by creating size patterns and designing flowers for the lady pups.

In November 2013, after months of creation, they launched Barks A Lot Bowtique to the public. Thanks to Etsy, they were able to offer their new line of pet accessories to pet’s world wide. Chris and Noelle have continued to create new items such as nylon-webbing collars and bandanas. They now even offer hundreds of options and ways to customize your pet’s accessories for holidays, sporting games or special events.

One of our favorite things about Barks A lot is that Chris and Noelle have been active in their local pet community and now Barks A Lot Bowtique has allowed them to connect with many adoption centers, animal organizations and pet events across the globe.


They have so many amazing products for any occasion that you can think of! And they are all made with love and the best quality!

The bow ties are reinforced with fusible interfacing to maintain its structure and shape and also have a double sided 3” velcro strap that will secure around any collar or harness. Each item is even treated with Scotch guard to help protect the fabric against stains and dirt.


The next time you are looking for a new Halloween bandana/bow tie for your pup, or a Christmas or Valentine’s day themed swag, make sure you check this amazing shop out!

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