I’m just like every other dog mom out there; I love giving Abbie and Gunner wholesome, nutritious chews that are good for their teeth AND their gut. When it comes to shopping for chews, there’s no other option but to buy Barkworthies! Their chews make the pups happy (and quiet) so I’m happy!! Their products don’t have additives, preservatives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients. That makes for happy, healthy dogs.

At Barkworthies, they believe that simpler is better. Barkworthies treats and chews are completely digestible and they only use the best ingredients! Most of their products are only a single ingredient. They use only the best food sources from around the globe and they make sure their wholesome products are affordable for us dog moms! At Barkworthies, they strive to not only be accountable to us and our dogs, but to the environment as well. I could go on and on and on about how amazing their products are. SERIOUSLY all day. But I want our readers to discover a few of the ways Barkworthies is keeping it greener, because we care about our planet!


Barkworthies recently launched a CHEWS RESCUE; a shelter program that aims to raise awareness for rescues and cover adoption costs at a few rescues, across the US, for Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (which is April 30th every year). I wish we were able to cover this information BEFORE April 30th, but I’m so very happy to be doing it now so we can all help next year!!!


RICHMOND, Va. – To celebrate rescues across the country, Barkworthies, a company that provides all natural, healthy treats and chews for dogs, is kicking off their shelter program, Chews Rescue. As part of the campaign, Barkworthies has pledged to cover the adoption costs for eligible dogs at three shelters – Chicago Canine Rescue, One Tail at a Time and, Austin Pets Alive!– over the weekend of April 30, to promote and support “Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (4/30)”.

“At Barkworthies, we’ve seen first-hand how life-changing animal rescue can be, not just for pets but for their owners as well,” comments Avrum Elmakis, CEO & Co-Founder. “We created this program as a way to not only give back, but to also encourage prospective pet parents to adopt.” #adoptdontshop


Barkworthies ran a Facebook contest along with the Chews Rescue campaign. It began April 3 and ran through April 30. Pet parents were encouraged to visit the Barkworthies Facebook page and submit their own rescue story for a chance to win one of five Barkworthies product prize packs.


This isn’t the first time Barkworthies has prominently endorsed animal rescue. Last year they launched the Chews Rescue program, in which they made a $13,000 donation to the Richmond Animal League. And in 2015, the brand unveiled extensive new branding, from their advertising to their packaging, which features shelter dogs as models.


“We see ourselves as an innovative brand with a big heart, and all natural, healthy products that are deliciously appealing to canines,” says Elmakis. “Our rebranding and support of shelter dogs was meant to reflect these characteristics and help our products speak to our pet-loving customers.”


Barkworthies hopes to celebrate and inspire more rescue stories with their Chews Rescue shelter program. Those interested in showing their support for animal rescue are encouraged to share their own stories on the Barkworthies.


Barkworthies believes that simpler is better. Their tagline – “Naturally Healthy. Naturally Happy.” reinforces the brand’s founding ideals and continued commitment to quality. Offering over 200 products spanning from antlers and bones to exotic chews and treats, Barkworthies promises to never include hormones, additives, or anything artificial in any one of their products. Each is made with the highest quality, most wholesome ingredients available for pets to naturally enjoy. The brand’s unique and innovative line of products has won the hearts of consumers and industry experts alike, earning them a 2015 Industry Recognition Award for their Australian Gourmet Line from the editors of Pet Business, and a 2016 Editors’ Choice Award for their Goat Horn Chews from the editors of Pet Product News.

We gals are thoroughly impressed with Barkworthies and their willingness to help homeless pets, better the planet, and bring joy to every pet and pawrent out there. Please go check them out and let us know how much you love their products and company! We need to support more companies like this.