I randomly happened upon BaublesDog on Etsy and was instantly obsessed with the tags. I knew that I needed one for my precious Abbie so I messaged Andrew right away to get my custom order going!

Andrew is the creator of all things BaublesDog. Not only that, but he's a dog trainer! It’s not only his profession, but it's his way of life. He's a master at his craft no matter what that craft may be! Typically when the weather is bad and his dogs want to either romp in the mud without him or cozy up inside next to him, that's when he creates the baubles. He has a small studio that he works out of in the Ukraine. His wife, Nastasya, helps him with the styling and photography.


They have a bull-terrier named JuJu (I'm obsessed with her and her cuteness overload!), an Asian Shepherd named Zefir, and a cat named Josy. JuJu loves to run alongside her daddy when he cycles. How cute is that?!!

A bauble is defined as "a small, showy trinket or decoration" and that is exactly what these tags are. Showy decorations for our pups' collars!


I love that these tags are uncommon, original, and some of them downright make you laugh out loud! In addition to the dog tags, BaublesDog designs and makes necklaces and key chains so you and your pup can match! #twinningiswinning. Andrew also makes personalized clocks, magnets, lighters, you name it! He is amazing and makes everything by hand!!!

You HAVE to check BaublesDog out and get something super cute and unique for your fur baby! I'm completely happy with Abbie's personalized tag because it's cute, original, and it fits her personality. She's definitely and bauble dog! Your dog wants to be a #baubledog too!