B&B Kustom Kennels

Let me start off by saying that I am obsessed with home decor. Literally I change my apartment somehow or someway every 2-3 weeks. I love just a clean, bright, together home. But having a pup, that can get a little changeling… Border Collie moms, you know what I mean. Toys everywhere, toy stuffing everywhere, bones, bandanas that they have managed to get off in the most random places. Like they have completely taken over my home and life, not complaining at all, just stating the truth. So, when I find something that is for my home and for my dogs, let just say my heart kinda explodes all at once. This is where B&B Kennels comes in play, I mean every time i just look at one of their masterpieces I automatically think how happy they would make Joanna Gaines (holla Fixer Upper Groupies)! Just look how freaking beautiful they are! Not only are the a gem on the eye, but hello, they are so functional. No more attempting to hide the metal wire crate in the corner so your friends and family don't see it. This bad boy is now the center focus of any home!

B&B Kustom Kennels all started with Bethany and Brody Rathman. They were living in Parker, Colorado with their two labradoodles Gracie and Pyper. Gracie and Pyper spent most of their life kenneled together as they were sister, and were un serparalable. Bethany and Brody got so sick of the ugly wire kennels (as all secretly are) and to make matters worse…. They had two. This sparked the idea, to make their own Doggie Den Dream house into a reality. It took the Rathmans about two months to figure out the design and exactly what they wanted for Pyper and Gracie. They had no idea the overwhelming response they would get after posting a photo online. Their mindset was to simply solve a problem they had by making something functional yet decorative for their own home.

B&B Kustom Kennels offer 3 different sizes for any size dog and any size home!

The Single Doggie Den



The patent-pending Single Doggie Den is a rustic indoor doggie kennel uniquely handcrafted out of wood and metal rods. All of the kennels are built to recommend industry sizing. The base of the Doggie Dens are also built to accommodate the standard plastic trays that come inside those lovely wire kennels we all love (insert eye rolling emjoi).

DIMENSIONS (Height includes 4” Removable Legs)

XL – 44”L x 30”W x 40”H – Fits dogs 70-110lbs.

Large – 38”L x 24”W x 35”H – Fits dogs 40-65lbs.

Small/Medium – 32”L x 21”W x 27”H – Fits dogs 5-35lbs.



The Double Doggie Den


The patent-pending Double Doggie Den is also a rustic indoor doggie kennel uniquely handcrafted out of wood and metal rods. The wooden double dog kennel comes with a removable, solid wooden divider to provide two separate space for you fur-babies, or removed on big den for both to share. This kennel too will accommodate the standard plastic trays.


DIMENSIONS (Height includes 4” Removable Legs)

X-Large – 88”L x 30”W x 40”H – Fits dogs 70-110lbs.

Large – 76”L x 24”W x 35”H – Fits dogs 40-65lbs.

Medium – 64”L x 21”W x 30”H – Fits dogs 5-35lbs.



The Great Dane Doggie Den


This is the big boy of all kennels! The Great Dane Doggie Den is few and far between, so Bethany and Brody absolutely had to show some real #puppylove to this majestic creature. This is also a  rustic indoor doggie kennel uniquely handcrafted out of wood and metal rods and will accommodate the standard plastic trays.

DIMENSIONS (Height includes 4“ Removable Legs)

XXL – 51”L x 33”W x 45”H – Fits dogs 110lbs and up.

With all of the amazing success and support for Bethany and Brody’s kennels, their turnaround time is around 30-32 weeks. BUT, I mean let's be honest this is SO worth the wait.
Another thing that makes us fall paw over tail for B&B Kustom Kennels is that every month they are highlighting a shelter or rescue group that is doing outstanding work in their community, protecting and serving all the fur-babies that can't stand up for themselves. Along with sharing their stories on their B&B blog, they are also donating $200! I mean, come on…. Just another reason to be obsessed with these two.

If you are in the market for a new kennel, or lets just say a new centerpiece for your home then make sure you check out B&B Kustom Kennels. This piece of art will be something you will have forever, and will be able to pass down to your kids (because they will be #crazydogladies as well). I have already told my boyfriend as SOON as we move out of this 900sft Upper East Side box (apartment) this is the FIRST thing on my new home list! He told me that he thinks we are going to need two, one for the livingroom and one for the bedroom….he’s a keeper.