Beach Pup

My boyfriend is from Long Island and is a little bit of a beach bum. We try to go to the beach as much as we can in the summer, and that didn’t change when we added Pharrell to our squad. Montauk is our go-to beach! And to say that P loves is, well that is an understatement. Not a fan of the ocean, but the beach…. well that is his heaven. We have taken him out their about 6 times in the year and half we have had him and each time, we learn something new about taking a pup to the beach. Here are a few tips for a trip to the beach with your pooch.

1.   Don’t let them eat sand! It is really hard to avoid, but you just have to keep an eye on them the whole time. Kong balls are the best for the beach, because they don’t let the sand stick to them, therefore no sand in the month from fetch. 

2.   Bring an umbrella. You’re pup gets hot just as much as you do, having a nice place to take a break from the rays is perfect for your 4 legged love.  

3 . Putting a little sunscreen on their nose is also a great way to prevent any sunburns that might happen on their sensitive skin.  

4.  Make sure you have fresh water with you! It gets very hot on the sand and they will need to re hydrate themselves! And ocean water isn’t the way to go when it comes to drink break!

One last thing, make sure that you always do your research before heading to the beach with your pups, make sure you are going to a “dog-friendly” beach or you there are the hours where pup are allowed! Also find out if off leash is allowed! Some beaches give a pretty little ticket if you aren’t allowed!