Beaulah Rose Pet Bandanas

I love putting bandanas on Pharrell and Rosie, I don’t know what it is about them that I love. Maybe, it’s the fact that I am in the fashion industry and being able to share that with my pups, just put a smile on my face. So every time I find a new company with a great selection I get pumped! That recently happened when I came across BeaulahRose on Etsy! Just look how great Pharrell and Rosie look in these bad boys!


Lara, the owner of BeaulahRose has always loved animals and is a fellow #dogmom! She started making her own bandanas for her fur-babies when she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the sizes that she needed, or at least not at a reasonable price…I feel ya! After she started making them for her own pups, friend and family member of course were wanting some of the puppy swag as well. With the great response she was getting, it was only smart to open her Etsy shop… and I am so glad she did!


BeaulahRose has so many great options, like anything you could ever want! Like Holiday, season, objects, and just really fun and great patterns! I also love how these bandanas have snaps on them, my dogs are runners and sometimes bandanas will fall off, mid ball chase, with Beaulah Rose that is not an issue! They are also a GREAT price…. Are you ready for it…. $6!! That’s right, cheaper than a glass of wine yall!

Make sure you check these amazing bandanas out and get some for your fur-babies!

Beaulah Rose

IG: @beaulahrose

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