Bene Bone

Bene Bone : When you have a pup that can literally rip apart any toy you give him/her in about 3 minutes flat, you get really pumped when you find ANYTHING that will last longer than a commercial break during Scandal. I have also been a Nylabone girl, and don’t get me wrong, we still love a good Nylabone!

But after finding BeneBone, I might have made the permanent switch. The great thing about BeneBone is that they are shaped in a way that is easy for our thumbless family members to handle. They also come in amazing flavors that are food-grade and made with no chemicals or artificial flavors, which is a big plus. All of their products are made here in the great US of A! You can get these great bones at Target or here on their website! Be sure to check them out! They are approved by Pharrell, Drake & Abbie!