Benji’s Farm Dog Treats

I love how I keep seeing more and more companies being started to help the health of our fur-babies. And Benji’s Farm, is just another amazing company to add to our list. Benji’s Farm is an all organic,100% plant-based and grain and gluten free company based out of Long Island, NY that started in 2015. They wanted to create a treat that would not only taste amazing for our pups but also keep them healthy. They have mixed things such as applesauce and cinnamon into these treats along with active botanical for the wellness of our pups.

Another amazing thing about them is that they partner with Animal Relief Fund here in NYC. ARF, works to keep pets with their humans and limited the number of dogs and cats left alone on the busy streets of this city. A portion of every purchase of Benji’s Farm treats goes to help support ARF.

Pharrell LOVES these treats! He goes nuts when he just sees us pull out the bag. (You know Border Collies being smart and all, he must know its a Benji treat).

They offer 6 different treats!

Benji’s Farm

Brainy– helps support healthy doggy minds

Hippy– helps support healthy bones & joints

Sleepy– helps support calm & relaxation (my personal favorite, if you feel me)

Smiley– helps support healthy teeth & gums

Spunky– helps support an active lifestyle (Pharrell’s favorite,obvi)

Tummy– helps support healthy doggie bellies


Megan Rose