Beth Briggs Custom Illustration




We have all been there, you know, the moment you realize that you are still single and the biggest love interested in your life is the fake one you have with Sam Hunt. Yes, I know he is engaged…. I choose to ignore that fact. As if being home for Christmas with your family asking you, “When are you getting married? I thought you’d have a ring and two kids by now!” wasn’t bad enough… Valentine’s Day had to come all too soon.

So with ALL of that being said, a dog is the best bet, hands and paws down!!! They never leave you, cheat on you, or say mean things! All they do is love you, come when you call, cuddle and kiss you whenever you want! So what is better than having a Valentine’s date with your 4 legged fur-child?…..Umm, nothing!



My perfect date night with my fur baby is a bottle of wine for me, some snacks and treats for him, a little photo shoot for insta (duh), some toys all over the floor and watching some classic dog flick! But...if you are lucky enough to have a special man (human) in your life, then we know exactly what he can get you! Actually, even if you don't have a man, get it for yourself or for your best friend! BECAUSE IT IS EVERYTHING!

Beth Briggs is basically just a modern day badass! Her passion for illustrating began early on, but her ambition to really pursue it started just three years ago. Beth adores the art of fashion illustrations, but she truly loves and enjoys sketching “real women”! She is inspired by the charming women she observers in her travels and is especially fond of adding fur-babies in her work! Almost every custom illustration includes one! So much so, that custom pet portraits make up 75% of her orders!  

Just look at these amazing, beautiful and spot on illustrations she did of us Gal’s and our fur-babies!


Beth has such a whimsical, fun and colorful style that we are all obsessed with! She likes to include floral garland, scarves or sweaters in her pet portraits to add a little special touch of sweetness to the finish painting! Beth says, she thinks our pets like to dress up as much as we do, and we think she is 100% correct!

If you are looking to hint at a gift for the 14th, then we highly suggest you send this link to your man! Or if you are just looking to get something for your fur-mama bestie, trust us, this is the PAWfect gift for everyone! Make sure you check out Beth’s site for more details on her amazing work and please follow her on Instagram to get your daily playful dose of greatness!

Beth Briggs