Billy Wolf Pet Bandanas

It’s 2017, and guess what? We are still obsessed with bandannas. And Billy Wolf NYC is on the top of our list, I mean like these things are freaking amazing, to the point where if us #dogmoms can wear them.  

Billy Wolf is an American heritage dog clothing & accessory company based in Montauk, NY, (a.k.a the best place in the whole world). The mastermind behind this PAWsome company created the first Billy Wolf coat from a vintage blanket when she discovered there was nothing in the dog clothing market that fitted hers and more importantly her dogs classic american style.

Billy Wolf gets all of its inspiration from the authentic Americana roots, each amazing product is an perfect as the dog that is wearing it. All of the amazing bandanas and stylish coats are made from vintage, deadstock, and American-made fabrics and finished with salvaged buttons and handcrafted labels in New York City! Billy Wolf sources vintage items for the unique, but still classy look! The quality of the fabrics used by Billy Wolf provide a durability that stands up to the crazies pups out there.

If you are the need for a new bandana for your pup, or a matching set for both of you make sure you check out BW. Or maybe you are in need of a new coat for your fur-baby, then Billy is your go to spot. Or maybe you just need some new toys that you fur-child has never seen before then please make sure you check out this amazing New York based, puppy lovin, Americano company!

Megan Rose