BOco - Trend Setting Collars + Leads

Raise your hand if you’re a dog mom who desires for her pup to be a trend setter. Lucky for you, we’ve found the most superb designer dog collars and leads for the tasteful dog mom and her fashionable pup!

Each and every one of our fur babies are special! Am I right, ladies? We dog moms are excellent at describing every little thing that makes them special, too! The way she greets the locals at the dog park, his favorite sleeping position, even the way she begs for treats. TBH, selecting accessories that reflect his unique character shouldn’t be compromised in the style or quality departments.


So, we bring you BoCo! BOco was born from a desire to create quality, contemporary, fashion-inspired lifestyle products for our pampered pooches. As dedicated dog owners, they believe life is richer with dogs by our sides and that their accessories should be just as personalized as they are. They created products that will get you a desirable amount of double taps on the gram! #loveit

Their modern range of collars and leads accommodate form, function, and fashion. BOco accessories are created from premium soft pebbled leather and are available in 9 fashionable colors! We’re pretty sure Abbie and Gunner will own all 9 colors in the near future. That’s how beautiful these pieces are!

We are more than satisfied with the quality, aesthetics, and buying process of BOco! Our pups strut around like they’re hot stuff and we’re pawsitive it’s because they know they look the part. Not only are our pups #trendsetters now, but they are also pretty tough on their collars because they ruff house like it’s going out of style. They bite each others’ collar and drag the other pup down to the ground to wrestle. It’s insane. But I’m ecstatic to say these accessories have lasted a few weeks now and they’re still showstoppers at the dog park!

What can make these beautiful statement pieces even more beautiful? We’re glad you asked! The BOco team also offers personalized monogramming for their leather dog collars! This makes each accessory personal, stylish, and a signature piece in your pup’s accessory closet.

And if you want to go a step further to make your pup's collar really pop (we know you do!), BOco also offers premium leather accessory charms!

Whether you’re traveling with your BOco accessories or tucking them away on a rainy day, they will be kept safe from the elements because these luxury dog collars come in beautiful drawstring bags! I mean, is there anything they didn’t think of?! We’re loving the execution of all these details!

Based in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Australia, Leah and Rob Jones combined their shared interests of stylish lifestyle products and their love of dogs to create BOco. The Jones’ launched BOco after discovering a gap in the market for the kind of premium contemporary pet products they wanted for their dogs. There were plenty of practical options available, but none that satisfied their personal style and taste.

The best quality products are born out of a deep passion and BOco’s range of contemporary pet lifestyle products are a flawless example of this. Leah and Rob Jones’ personal evolution from childhood dog lovers, to adult parents of two adorable rescue dogs – Bo and Missy – has been transformative. From this, BOco was born.

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Lastly, we gals are dying to know… Which color will be your first purchase?