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If I could pick one place in the world to go I think it might have to be Australia, I mean come on, the beach, the fashion, the kangaroos, the hot surfer guys, the kangaroos!!! I haven’t been able to make it the other side of the world yet, so I have found the next best thing that involves my dogs and that is Bone Society.  


Crazy dog ladies, is what Bone Society is all about and who it is created by, They are obsessed with their fur-babies Rocky and Zoey and they don’t go very far without them. They love checking out new cafes, beaches and going on outdoor adventures with Gal’s Best Friend …. My kinda chicks!


Kylie and Renae both love fashion and design and couldn’t find anything in the traditional dog stores that they wanted for their babies. So they decided to put their combined 18+ years in the fashion industry experience to use and create something that use fashion loving dog moms were looking for.

Kylie and Renae also wanted to make a difference and help less fortunate dogs through the Animal Welfare League Australia. They decided to create a society that is not only a brand, it;s a lifestyle.They came up with a catch phrase which I am obsessed with it, “Life’s sweeter when your best mate’s a dog”. They wanted to create a community of people that reflects this way of thinking and living around the world.


Bone Society has so many amazing products, such as bandana, leashes and collars, puppy clothes, dog tags and rings/necklace for us #dogmoms! Make sure you check them out and get a little Aussie in your life!

IG: @bonessociety

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