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I like to think that I am a professional IG photographer when it comes to my pups account @pharrellandrosie, but it is so funny how I can be put in my place real fast! Over the past few months, I have been on the look out for the best NYC pet photographer, and when I came across Marshall Boprey I was blown away, and knew that I had found one of the best of the best in NYC!


Marshall is a longtime dog owner and animal lover, also a vegetarian since he was a kid… much respect! He started photography has a hobby in high school and then went to FIT for photography, only to realize that he was learning more of the fashion side of photography and quit. He then went back home and… got a Great Dane puppy!!!! Marshall started taking her photos from the time he got her, at 8 weeks old, and realized that he had something special here! On a leap of faith, he moved back to New York City and started his pet photography business and has been killing the game ever since!


With such a growing market in pet photography the business is tough, but Marshall has been happy with his upward trend and thankful that he is recognized from time to time around the city in dog and non-dog circles alike!


Marshall came to show me first hand what a great talent he is by taking some photos of Pharrell and Rosie! Let me start off by saying how freaking nice he is, and how he automatically bonded with the pups! We took some great photos in our backyard and then planned on heading to the park before we got caught in a rain pour! He took cover in a parking garage on 89th street and attempted to wait out the storm, 20 mins in, Marshall started taking pictures of the dogs in the parking garage, and just look how amazing they areRosie is scared of the rain, and Marshall caught these precious moments of her in the storm!


Now let’s talk about Photoshop skills, because by boy Marshall, is killing the freaking game!!!! There was leashes in both of these photos….now POOF, they are gone!


If you are looking for a fun photoshoot of your fur-baby, please make sure you check out Marshall before looking anywhere else! Check out his site to see more examples of the amazing work he has done! He does on location shoots, studio and on the streets and parks of NYC! He is a pure genius, and is only starting to put his mark on this dog loving city!

IG: @bopreyphoto

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