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I’m not going to lie to y’all. This blog post has been a long time coming because I never feel like it’s perfect enough for what I want to say about Bravo! Pet Food. To say that this company has changed our lives, is a complete understatement! Our whole family is absolutely in love with all things Bravo!. From their dog food, to treats and chews, to the customer service, this company has been such a pleasure to work with and all of these things are the highest quality you can imagine.

First and foremost, our dogs have never done better on ANY other brand of food. And that’s saying a lot because we’ve tested some of the highest quality raw foods and spent lots of time and money trying to find Abbie and Gunner the very best diet. They deserve a healthy and long life, ya know?! Well, we found everything we’ve been looking for and MORE with Bravo!.



FACT: We drive an hour to pick this food up for Abbie and Gunner every other week. That’s how much we love it! Our pups are on Bravo’s Freeze-dried raw Turkey diet.

Raw meat is the #1 ingredient in this food. The second ingredient is organ meat. Dogs absolutely need this! Organ meat is the most nutrient-dense part of the animal and is packed full of Vitamin B (B1, B2, B6, folic acid, and B12), loaded with minerals like phosphorus, Vitamins A, D, E, and K, and they contain high amounts of fatty acids (arachidonic acid, omega-3 fats, including EPA and DHA). Sorry, I could go on and on about how healthy this food is!!!

Of course, Bravo! Dog food is grain and gluten-free, as well as antibiotic and hormone-free, because those things are not ideal for the health of our pups. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. And they test all of their food before it’s shipped out, so your dog is going to get the highest quality food. THIS. FOOD. IS AMAZING!!!



We tried the Venison Liver freeze-dried treats and guess what? There’s literally only ONE ingredient! VENISON LIVER! Abbie and Gunner went craaaazy for these treats! We need to stock up on these for training purposes ASAP!

Bravo’s Venison is sourced from New Zealand, where the deer are wild and can roam free instead of farmed like they are in the US. This calls for a higher-quality meat. Venison is low in fat and high in proteins and minerals.

We also tried out the assorted, freeze-dried Trail Mix treats! These are great for hiking AND training. Abbie and Gunner, naturally, loved the variety in this treat bag (turkey, bison, beef, and cheese).  


I had the pleasure of working with a few different people from the Bravo company. When we first started out on Bravo, we found out that Gunner had a sensitive tummy when it came to beef. Bette, the co-founder of Bravo, reached out to me to find out what our needs were and suggested we try the freeze-dried Turkey, as this meat is a little lighter on their stomachs. She was so sweet and so understanding. I couldn’t believe that she took time out of her busy day, to reach out to me and find a solution for my pup. The great customer service goes such a long way with me! It shows that they truly care about each dog they and dog mom they serve.


SIDE NOTE: Abbie did fantastic on the freeze-dried Beef, but we switched both dogs to the freeze-dried Turkey to keep it simpler when preparing their meals.

Bravo Logo.jpg


As you could have guessed, Bravo! is a family-owned business and they treat it that way! Bette and David are the co-founders of Bravo! They are experts who have pioneered the raw pet food industry by introducing their Bravo Blends line in 2002. So you might say their focus on super-premium nutrition runs in the family.

Today, Bravo offers over 125 different products for dogs and cats. All are made from the finest, most nutritious ingredients such as antibiotic-free poultry, responsibly harvested  fish, and select cuts of meat. And you can rest assured that Bravo’s multi-step process meets strict food safety guidelines while keeping the food as close to natural as possible.

“As our pet parent fan club continues to grow, our commitment to quality and purity will remain the simple idea at the heart of every Bravo product. Because we firmly believe in giving pets the best so they can be at their best. That’s what our make good happen™ slogan is all about.” - Bravo!


Their “make good happen” motto isn’t just about the quality of their pet foods, it’s also about their commitment to give back to those less fortunate. The Bravo family includes special needs associates from local communities who help produce their products. They’re also committed to helping pet shelters through volunteering and charitable donations. They do this to “make good happen” for all of us.


Bravo is making good happen for organizations like these:

Leave No Paws Behind
Based in Southern California, an all breed, all foster based rescue specializing in last chance dogs, seniors, end of life and animals with special medical needs.

Chicago Canine Rescue
An organization founded in 2001 to help find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in metro Chicago.

Newton Kindness
An organization that promotes kindness as a guiding principle of humanity that was started in honor of one of the children lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

So, you’re probably asking what I meant by “Bravo has completely changed our lives”. Well, our dogs have an easier time going to the bathroom AND it’s more regular and easier for us to clean up. Their coats are shinier and they shed less. Abbie and Gunner have more stamina, which GSP’s don’t need at all, BUT it makes me so happy to see them playing so much! They actually WANT to eat their food when we put it down. And their breath doesn’t smell as bad as it used to on other food! We are some very happy pawrents!

Thank you, Bravo!, for caring about our dogs as much as we do, and creating a food that we would’ve wanted to create ourselves!

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** Pictures courtesy of Abbie and Gunner, Tonya, Zoe, Livinthecrazy, Bravo's website. **