Brooklyn Bowtied

Two words.... Brooklyn. Bowtied. When it comes to bow tie swag, Rochelle knows her stuff! Being a fellow dog mom herself, she understands why we all want to add a little style to our fur babies’ day to day collar. (Not that they aren’t already perfect, of course!)

Rochelle not only has the dog mom passion behind her creative designs, but also the education! That’s right, she actually studied illustration, design and photography, so when it comes to fashion… especially DOG fashion, she knows her stuff.

Before becoming a dog mom, she began creating bow ties from vintage and repurposed materials (cool, right?). She ended up actually selling a few of them and the humans loved it… but her heart wasn’t all the way there. Not until she adopted her pup! After Henry came into her life, she knew exactly which direction to go in… and so Brooklyn Bowtied was born!

She now resides in New York with her Barker in Chief  Henry, where together they create the latest and GREATEST additions for your pup's collar. All of her bow ties are made directly from materials sourced in the NYC Garment District. But besides being affordable (all around $15 and up) she also makes it a priority to give back to the dog community! She has a series of “limited edition” bow ties that benefit local rescues and even donates bow ties as raffles and gifts for fundraisers/events!


Brooklyn Bowtied has the puppy passion behind the design!


This is what makes each bow tie stand out from the rest!

Visit her Etsy shop today and up your pup’s collar swag!

IG: @brooklynbowtied