Canine Styles

There is nothing I love more than shopping, well... my dog. I love my dog more than shopping! So when I can shop for my dog it makes my heart full and happy all at the same time. There are so many places to shop for your fur-baby and most of them are now online. Finding a pet store that doesn't smell like 100 different kinds of food or stray cats, and doesn't have stuff just placed anywhere, is kind of hard to come by. I am from a fashion merchandising background so I really appreciate when a store puts thought into both their space and product which is hard to find, especially in New York City where everyone is just so busy/worried about how many people they can get in their door, that they just have a little bit of everything to attract everyone they can. But for me, I am more of 'niche store' kinda girl. A store that really knows their target market and knows how to buy for them, knows what they want and need. So when I was introduced to Canine Styles, my mind was blown and my heart was full all that the same time!

Canine Styles was established in 1958 and is New York's oldest and finest dog lovers dream! They have world-class grooming and their own line of amazing and beautiful products! They have everything that any dog lover would ever need, and all at the highest quality! Everything from dog toys to collars and leashes, carries, bowls and IDs and my personal favorite clothes! I have 3 big-ish dogs so finding well made sweaters and coats that fit them is very hard. Canines Styles has totally changed that for me! They have the best section of coats, puffers, and sweaters for my fur-babies during these New York City winters! Here are so of our favorites!


Cashmere Dog Sweater

Chenille Rag Dog Sweater

Goose Down, Lightweight Sport Puffer Coat

Hooded Parka

Horse Blanket

"H" Dog Leads

   Braided Step-In Harness - All-in-One Lead & Harness


Everything that Canine Styles is to die for, whenever my pups have on their sweaters or coats we always get stops at least 3 times! If you are looking for some new luxury gear for your fur-bae check out our favorite New York store! You can either get everything you need online or you can stop by one of their three stores here in New York City to get your shopping done while you pup gets the full treatment in the grooming salon, listed below!



830 Lexington (63rd & 64th)

New York, New York 10065

Upper East Side

1195 Lexington (81st & 82nd)

New York, New York 10028

Upper West Side

2231 Broadway (79th & 80th)

New York, New York 10024

Canine Styles