Caribbean Canines

My favorite places in the world are mostly in the caribbean, so anything that has the work “caribbean” in it is automatically amazing to me! And the fact that it is for pups, makes it even more amazing!!


Caribbean Canines is a lifestyle band out of Austin, Texas for the modern day dog lover! They specializes in healthy treats and accessories for your pup. CC uses 100% natural ingredients sourced here in the United States with no artificial colors, preservatives or sugars! They bake their treats slowly and dehydrate them to preserve freshness and lock in all that much-needed nutrients!

Cynthia soon discovered how sensitive she was to certain foods and become very disappoint to find that a lot of pet companies choose to gain profit over quality and the health of the pups. After, discovering all of this, she started to make her own treats for Pippa, using organic locally sourced ingredients. Cynthia wanted to share her healthy handmade treats while also finding ways to bring awareness and fund animal welfare organizations.


Cynthia is very passionate about finding ways to prevent animal abuse, neglect and euthanasia, so when starting Caribbean Canines in 2015, her goal was to also support amazing programs in local animal shelter and The Pet Education Project. Cynthia is making pups around the nation healthier, making pups IGs cutter with her products and most importantly giving 10% of proceeds to The Pet Education Project!

Make sure you check her out and also take look at The Pet Education Project! They are and education and outreach program that reach the core responsibilities of pet ownership to help reduce pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect and euthanasia.

IG: @CaribbeanCanines