Caru Pet Food

Caru is a premium pet food company that only uses the best ingredients. They truly care about all pets and they show that in everything they do - from the packaging and sourcing to the preparation and selection. Caru:

  • Uses premium cuts of meat or poultry as the first ingredient

  • Avoids artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives

  • Never uses GMO ingredients

  • Never uses grain, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, or animal by-products

  • Prepares every recipe in small batches

  • Uses recyclable, biodegradable packaging

  • Tests every single batch for quality and food safety

  • Produces and packages every product in the USA

Caru is owned by Pamela and Adrian Pettyan, proud pet parents and Canadian medical professionals who run a primary health care center for families in their local community. And yes, there really is a Karu! Karu is their beloved Golden Retriever.

Practically from puppyhood, Karu had constant ear infections. To address this problem, their veterinarian suggested a homemade diet consisting of pure, healthy, nutritious food.

VoIla! CARU!!!

From the day they switched Karu to this new dietary routine, they saw that he was more playful and healthy. With a background in health care, they couldn’t understand why there weren’t pet food products at local stores that were as good as what people can make at home. So in close collaboration with an accomplished animal Ph.D. nutritionist, Pamela and Adrian created a complete line of nourishing meals and treats that look, smell, and taste as good as homemade food.

So maybe you’re wondering, “Why does their dog’s name starts with a K and not a C?” Well, caru means “to love” in Welsh! And love, after all, is why we all care so much about the nourishment we provide for our pets! They started Caru because the amount of love they have for their pup and all others.

Let’s get down to business now. Their food! OH MY GOSH! Greatest thing on Earth!! Abbie LOVED (I use the word love because there isn’t a stronger word I can think of… But if I could think of one, that would be it!) their food. With real chunks of meat, vegetables, creamy goodness…. This was Abbie’s all-time favorite dog food ever!! We tried Beef and Chicken and each flavor was a hit! There wasn’t one she liked less or more than the other. They also have Turkey, Pork, Chicken & Duck, and Turkey & Pork.

And the TREATS! Again, she was obsessed with the treats! They have so many different flavors to choose from. Alligator, Wild Boar, Rabbit, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Salmon, and Venison.

Caru will even post fun treat recipes on their social media so you need to follow them! And you have GOT to try some of these recipes!!! They incorporate the treats with their Beef broth.