Celebrity Pups

E! News, TMZ, every trash mag out there, this is how I get all my juicy gossip and news in the world! I mean, let’s face it, celebrity news is way better than anything FOX or CNN has to say, and most likely more upbeat. I love when I hear about one of my celeb crushes getting a new pup, and even better when I hear that they have rescued a pup! Just reminds me that they are real people just like you and me, well…. Kinda. After they get new fur-babies they blow up my feed with the best pics or their dogs living a life that is fit for a king (I make sure that Rosie and Pharrell don’t see these post, don’t want them to get any ideas). I love how some of my favorite celebs spoil and treat their pups, makes me hope i’ll come back in another life as J Laws puppy or maybe Sam Hunts dog….

We have pulled some of our fav celebs with their fur-babies, for no reason, other than, who doesn’t like to look at perfect looking people, with perfect abs, perfect clothes, perfect homes with God’s most perfect creations… dogs. Enjoy!