Charlie Bax

Having three dogs, I go through toys and bones and EVERYTHING really fast. Like, the average time of any dog related item lasting in my house is about 24 hours or less. I know, I signed up for this, so I am not complaining over here! BUT, I am always on the search for something that will last longer than a day or two. My pups love to chew and rip things apart, so after I found out that nylon bones weren't the best thing for them, I was totally bummed. They could chew on those things for HOURS and not even make a dent. The day I did my research on them and chunked them all, I felt like I was back at square one. Until I discovered antlers!

Antlers make excellent dog chews because they are made of true bone and contain calcium and phosphorous in the marrow. They are also long-lasting, very interesting to the dog, and most importantly not smelly or staining. They have the same hardness to a Nylabone, but you don't have to worry about these being bad for your pup. Antlers are much healthier and even taste better to your fur-baby as well! Chewing antlers help keep their teeth clean, they keep pups VERY busy, for a good amount of time!

Looking for the right antler can be hard sometimes, just like everything in the dog world, there is SO much to choose from when it comes to antlers, size, brand, kind of animal the antler came from. But don't worry, we gals have you covered!

Charlie Bax is our antlers of choice! Charlie Bax offers ELK antlers. I know, it just sounds fancy! That’s not all either, they brand them with your dog's name!!! HELLO, insta-gold! These are the perfect gift for the new puppy baby mamas in your life or for your fur-babies birthday… or a just-because gift!

Heather Crowe is the mastermind behind it all! She’s always been passionate about animals and a special connection with dogs. The first love of her life, Charlie, a black and brown Cocker Spaniel, passed away three years ago from lung cancer. At the time, Heather was working on launching her bone ware collection and knew the most fitting name for the company was to be after him, hence, came Charlie Bax. The Charlie Bax Bone Ware Collection starts in a raw state, where Heather extracts the marrow and makes dog treats out of it. Focusing on zero waste, she started to donate the bone marrow dog treats to local shelters around Los Angeles. About a year ago, she was custom engraving bone candles for a friend’s hospitality company when she was asked if she could engrave the bones for their four legged customers. BOOM! The idea was brought to life!

After some research and personal experimentation with her GSD, Charlie Rose, and some of her other furiends, the Charlie Bax, custom engraved, split elk antler was born. And we are so glad it was! Pharrell, Rosie, Rumba, Drake, Abbie, and Gunner agree. Side note, we have a lot of dogs….. That just clicked in my head. #sorrynotsorry

We are huge advocates of using antlers over other bone-like chewing toys. #wannabes. They are safe and a much better choice for your fur baby. And we FO SHO are fans of Charlie Bax! The next time you are looking for a new treat for your fur baby or a gift for your fellow dog moms, make sure to stop by Charlie Bax!