Chic Sketch

As girls, when we were little, I think we all tried to draw ourselves in beautiful ball gowns or a party dress. We would look to those idols that we watched so intently in Disney movies and try to replicate their outfits on paper, every scribble had to be exact... minus the hair color which we would, of course, customize to match our own. Now, I’m not sure about you, but I was never meant to be an artist- hence my crazy dog lover and blogger status! BUT, I did continue to inherit the inevitable love for fashion, just as every other girl. Let’s just say, my Limited Too attire was on point, despite what my “doodles” made with crayons would reflect.

But no longer! Chic Sketch has turned my everyday “look” into a LEGIT fashion sketch. My inner child is jumping up and down as my dream has come true and I, for a lack of better words, feel so cool.

So, how does it work?

Well thanks to this crazy technology world we live in (and Jordan Edelson- the founder of the of Appetizer Mobile), you can be transformed into a fashion design simply by downloading the Chic Sketch App! Seriously. All you have to do is upload a picture in your hottest outfit of the day, with you dog by your side (of course)… Send it off to the team of illustrators, and VUALA- you (and your pup) will be turned into a sketch!

Since each sketch is hand drawn by Emily Edelson’s team, the published fashion illustrator and founder behind Chic Sketch, no two are alike. Emily uses her crazy talent and quick fashion illustration style to ensure that your masterpiece is one of a kind and uniquely created for you. You can even watch a timelapse video of your Chic Sketch being drawn and post it to show off to all of your friends!

Once your sketch is completed, you’ll be able to tag companies, designers and more to network and connect with others fashionistas in the Chic Sketch community. Further than that, the Chic Sketch app also offers other enticing features for you Hollywood crazed dog moms! You can see Chic Sketches of your favorite celebrities and their latest red carpet attire from insider events and categories.

With 5 star ratings, you have to download for free now and see how you and your pup can be transformed into a work of art… literally!

Use the code: ChicProm10 and receive 10% off your first sketch!